About us..

Our baby boy, Aarav has Bilateral Profound hearing loss, diagnosed at 16 months old.. No one in our distant family has any hearing loss history. 
Aarav was born full term, healthy at 2.9kgs with an apgar of 9/10. No birth complications and none later. So in short, this was an unexpected painful rude shock.. 

After his diagnosis, we immediately got him hearing aids.
They turned out to be ineffective and gave him no benefit. We saw no reaction to any sound when he wore the Hearing aids. We still insisted that he continue wearing them.

Finally we came to the decision to get Cochlear implants for Aarav.
The CT scans and MRIs were done. All the preparations were done and Aarav was operated in the may of 2012. He was just 19 months of age.

We are currently in the process of getting a Bilateral CI this year in 2015...

Now. On this journey, every single day is a learning experience. 
We see good days and bad days. Always a lot of surprises, some happy and some sad.
Learning to respect what we have been given. Learning to be thankful for the small joys in life. Learning to accept the sorrows and problems and rise at every fall.

The reason to start this blog was very simple.

After we found out about his hearing loss, we read innumerable websites, wikis and encyclopaedias.. But what helped the most, was reading blogs written by parents who have been through the same situation.. 

Their experiences have given us hope and reading about kids who have excelled in spite of hearing loss has been inspiring....

So for the others out there, who need help, support or just want to talk about this. Please just drop a mail or post a comment. I am always available for any discussion on any topic regarding Hearing loss, cochlear implants, hearing aids and anything related or unrelated for that matter.. 
I will share whatever I know, and If I don't, I will direct you to the correct people.

Our family is now slowly coming to terms with our situation... 
This blog follows Aarav's journey into the hearing world and our experiences in helping him start hearing...


  1. Excellent blog. This will work as a pole star.

    The pole star guides every wandering ship in the tempest.
    Similarly this blog, your efforts and experiences will help all those, who are in the same journey.

    Wish you and every body all the best!

  2. प्रथमता:, आरवसह आपणा दोघांना वंदन करू इच्छितो ...
    मलाही एक वर्षाची अनुजा नावाची खूप गोंडस मुलगी आहे तिचीही दोन्ही कानाची उच्चध्वनी ऐकण्याची क्षमता नाहीसी झालेली आहे.
    अगदी आरवला जसे सुरवातीला ऐकण्याचे यंत्र लावले होते तसेच अनुजालाही लावले होते , परंतु डॉक्टरच्या म्हणन्या नुसार अनुजाला देखिल
    कॉक्लेअर इम्प्लांट सांगितलं आहे, माझी एकंदरीत चार महिन्यात मनस्थिती (जी सुरवातीला तुमची होती ) तशीच झाली आहे ते केवळ
    ज्याचावर वेळ येते तोच समजू शकतो … परंतु आरव चा हा ब्लोग वाचून खरोखर मी अनुजाला आरावच्या स्वरुपात बघतो आहे ….

    प्रकाश भावसार ,
    ९ ५ ६ १ २ ९ ८ १ ० ५

    1. Aarav,

      how RU, We met @ Champion Pool 2 day. All tell me, I speak 2 fast and much. I why and where talk start, not know. I want to talk and listen you. January, I start learn Chinese language. This is rough transliteration of how chinese is spoken and written. verbal chinese is very easy, the problem is writing and reading. I will try to write small small stories to you if you like them. See you. Shrikant.content@gmail.com

  3. So well described I was almost in tears when I read this blog. I have a son who also has bilateral profound hearing loss. He had his CI in right ear done in April 2012. I had still not come out from the pain and now my hubby want's CI done for his left ear. I know it's good for my son but scared.

    1. Hi Noor,
      I understand what you feel. But this phase too will pass and you will not feel this anxiety later. Keep powering on and stay positive. Let me know if you need to talk.


  4. Very informative article. Looking forward to more posts in near future. I have also found some interesting info on Ear Hearing Machine Price In India


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