Flashback... The story till March 2012

It has been a year now. 
A complete year has passed us by. 

And whether I am ready to rip off the bandage or not, I will have to do it. 
In truth, all I want to do is to "pack-it-up-&-stow-it-away-in-the-attic-of-my-brain", cover it with old bedsheets and forget it. 
Pretend it never happened. And let the cobwebs take cover, forever hiding it away, as if it ever existed..... 

But that wont do, will it? 
I will still have to recollect all that happened. 

Because I know that a few years from today, Aarav will ask me this. 
And I don't want these memories to fade over time or come back with a vengeance for ignoring them. 

I have decided that it is time to start pulling off all the bandages. 
To bleed off the pain and start a new round of healing. 

This is our story... 


We found out about Aarav's hearing loss today.

One year of knowing the truth...



Aarav had Surgery today.
One year since surgery...


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