Aarav, our little CI Superstar!!

When we took the decisions to make Aarav enter the hearing world, we knew it was not just important for us to learn on this path, but also help all others to learn and grow with us.

So, just as this blog was created, also started our offline struggle to participate and support the Hearing way of life.

With Aarav being the main hero of course!


Titbits of our little Superstar's journey and Social appearances!!

1 - Awaaj Aala - Documentary Movie on Cochlear Implants

Aarav was one of the four candidates who were selected part of the documentary film for Cochlear implants.
- Aarav was 20 months of age and just 3 months post implant.
- Aarav was the youngest of all the kids in the movie!!

A documentary Movie on Cochlear implants - Click here
The Movie has now been published.

PART 01 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1iU-MIwtR0
PART 02 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZQPdauum-M
PART 03 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3zyig_AVAg

Director and Author, Minnie Vaid talks about her documentary film Awaaz Aala.


2 - Aarav met with Gulzaar Saab!!

Aarav got to meet Gulzaar Saab, when he visited KEM Big ears.


3 - Aarav on TV!!
Aarav made his first TV appearance on News Zee 24 Taas channel.

Click here for the video.

4 – The Golden Sparrow published Aarav's Marathon run!

Aarav has now been running marathons over 3 years. He has completed 5-6 marathons for 3 km and 5 km runs. On the latest run, the reported from The Golden Sparrow spotted Aarav and interviewed us.

Click here. 

5 – A short version of "Awaaj aala" on NewsX Channel

A short version of the documentary movie on Cochlear implants “Awaaj aala – I can Hear” was shown on NewsX Channel on 03 March 2013.

6 – Awaaj Aala - Interview with Minnie Vaid, author and Director of Awaaj Aala held by Godrej Culture Lab.

In this film screening and discussion held at Godrej India Culture Lab on 4th October 2013, Minnie Vaid talked about her documentary film Awaaz Aala. The film talks about cochlear implants for hearing-impaired children. The talk was made even more informative when an audience member explained how her son's cochlear implant functions.

Click here for the video.

All this has not been possible without the backing and support of loved ones.
KEM Big Ears team have been the the biggest and main reason that Aarav got all the support, backing and exposure that we wanted him to have.
His Surgeon, Audiologist, Speech therapist... well? They simply Rock!! We simply love them.

A few moments of joy to celebrate with you all!!
When our lows make you weep, our Highs surely will bring you happiness!!

Here’s to little Aarav!! A big Cheers!!


  1. You have come a long way :)

  2. Truly inspiring!! Aarav is a Superstar!! and you guys are Rockstars! Three cheers to you!!

  3. Jui.....you should also add his mini...micro marathon ventures and snaps....4 year kid running 3+ km !


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