Monday, 27 January 2020

A real Cartoon!!And Cartoons that are real!

I said to Aarav I'll grow my hair as long as Rapunzel. This happened...

Aarav, "Its not real."

"What's not real?"
Aarav, "Rapunzel's hair. It is not real. Its fake hair"

"Fake hair?"
Aarav, "Yes, have you ever seen any girl with that long hair?"
"Uh no?"

Aarav, "Now imagine, You have such long hair and you sit on a bike, where will you keep the hair?"

"Right. How do you know its fake?"
Aarav, "At the end when he cuts it, that is ad real brown hair. Not the golden hair. That golden is fake."

"We are talking about Tangled the animation movie right?"p
Aarav, "Of course."

"And only her golden hair is fake.. the rest is real."
"Yes correct", confirmed Aarav.

So. Cartoons are real people who may also have fake hair sometimes. And Santa, Tooth fairy, Easter rabbit all still exist. ❤❤❤


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