Saturday, 21 October 2017

Toddler vs Mother - Diwali Bomb Pretzels!

Ok, so this year we were in no mood to get any firecrackers but Aarav wanted them as allllllll his friends had them. So we bought a few of the usual kiddy sort and then Aarav puffed up and said, he'd like a few bombs as well.
"Uh huh, you will be scared"

But he didn't.

Every time Kaustubh lit up the Lakshmi bomb, I'd be drilling my finger into my ears and blinking rapidly and crouching up the imaginary shell on my back and he would just stand there and stare at the bomb cracker go off.

Honestly, I expected him to be petrified, with the sudden noise in the cochlear implants, "How do you not get scared???!!!"

And...  He just laughed and said, "I just don't hear it."

Me, "That's not possible. It's soo loud!!"

And Aarav grinned, "I pull off my implants till the bomb goes off and put them on later!!!"

So basically, he just got the bombs to turn me into a pretzel.. :-O


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