Thursday, 27 July 2017

Toddler vs Mother - Office life is easy..

Aarav stood looking out the window in a very pensive mood and said to me,
"Tumhala khoop simple asta."
(You guys have it simple)

"Kay?" I asked.



"Tumhala writing nasta." and then he pretended to sit with a laptop, "Nustach asa asa typing kela ki zhaaaala.. kahi writing nasta."
(You don't have to write anything.. only typing on the keyboard.. that's all. Noo writing at all.)

"Mag tumcha difficult asta Ka?"
(So you have it difficult?)



"Amhala khoop writing asta na. Ani ghari ala ki tu parat writing dete."
(We have to write a lot. And when I am back home you make me write again.)

The entire dialogue was in the theme of "oh the attrocities and tragedies of my life"

Let's switch kiddo. Seriously. Let's switch!!


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