Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Toddler vs Mother - Little cold Nudist..

In the midst of 17 extremely important morning tasks, aarav screamed, "Aaaaiiii​" and I ignored it and continued.

When I ran to see him in the other room, he was just out of the bath, dripping wet and holding the folded towel as a offering for me with big puppy eyes, "I am cold. Wipe me." Of course you are you silly wet nudist.

"Wipe meeeeee!!!" And so I did..

I wrapped him in the towel and vigorously rubbed him down giving special time to the dirt collecting spoons attached to his head commonly called as ears.
I rubbed and cleaned and scrubbed and wiped and scrubbed them in and out, holding his head in one hand and then alternating the action till....

"THAMB!!! Fadaychet ka mazhe kaan??"
("STOP!! You planning to tear my ears off or what!!!???")

Giggles! Ok sorry. I probably was a bit too rough 😝😝

Happiness is??
Small silly joys of life :-)

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