Monday, 19 June 2017

Toddler vs Father - Reprimanding your adults!

Kaustubh and I have the same mobile. And it's a tiny sleek thing which is pretty slippery to handle.
So we went to this mobile shop to get a silicone mobile cover to put on the mobile.

Only I bought the mobile cover.. Kaustubh didn't.

Aarav, "Aai cover ka paije?"
(Mom, why do you need this cover?)

I replied, "Cover ghatla ki mobile safe rahato. Padat nahi. Tutat nahi."
(The cover keeps the mobile safe. It won't fall. It won't break.)

Aarav thought for a minute and turned to Kaustubh, "Tu ka nahi ghetla cover? Jar tuzha mobile tutla tar mi Tula gheun nahi denare navin mobile."
(Why didn't you buy a cover? If your mobile breaks, I will not buy you a new one.)

Kaustubh was speechless and I was guffawing away!!

This sentence, from a 6.5 year old, to his father was monumentally hilarious!!!

Happiness is?
I'm proud that the boy is so smart!!!

I am secretly also happy that I won't need to nag anymore!! Lol!!

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