Monday, 19 June 2017

2nd grade started!!!

Last week Aarav's school started again. Fresh new year and he is now the second grade.

This year the school curriculum changed from following the SSC pattern to CBSE pattern. In layman terms the syllabus expected for a SSC kid in the 4th year is what we have in the 2nd year. CBSE also has three languages with equal weight age for each. Yay !! (As sarcastically as I can muster)

However, on the school orientation meeting we were given a pleasant  surprise. The newest additional language apart from English, Marathi which is 'Hindi' will not be taken directly as if the kid has prior experience. It will be gradually introduced and the kids will not be burdened.

Now, if we want, we can avail an exception and all that.. but we don't want to. Especially because there is no point in pulling him out especially as he has the capability and interest in learning Hindi. He's even trying out hindi sentences. Of course, he makes no sense but he tries a lot. He believes no one will be given any leniency at all as his entire class is growing up and becoming 'big'..
So then be it :-)

Let's see.. The start is pretty positive. Hoping the journey this year too will be fruitful.

Happiness is??
Ab hum Hindi bhi seekhenge!!
Now we will learn Hindi!!

Toddler vs Father - Reprimanding your adults!

Kaustubh and I have the same mobile. And it's a tiny sleek thing which is pretty slippery to handle.
So we went to this mobile shop to get a silicone mobile cover to put on the mobile.

Only I bought the mobile cover.. Kaustubh didn't.

Aarav, "Aai cover ka paije?"
(Mom, why do you need this cover?)

I replied, "Cover ghatla ki mobile safe rahato. Padat nahi. Tutat nahi."
(The cover keeps the mobile safe. It won't fall. It won't break.)

Aarav thought for a minute and turned to Kaustubh, "Tu ka nahi ghetla cover? Jar tuzha mobile tutla tar mi Tula gheun nahi denare navin mobile."
(Why didn't you buy a cover? If your mobile breaks, I will not buy you a new one.)

Kaustubh was speechless and I was guffawing away!!

This sentence, from a 6.5 year old, to his father was monumentally hilarious!!!

Happiness is?
I'm proud that the boy is so smart!!!

I am secretly also happy that I won't need to nag anymore!! Lol!!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Toddler vs Father - Doeth the Superman Fly?

Kaustubh was wearing a black T-shirt with the Superman logo on the chest. 

Aarav, "Tu kay Superman ahes ka?"
(You think you are Superman?)

Kaustubh just grinned.

Aarav then took the typical Superman pose with one hand in the sky and shouted at Kaustubh, "Superman!! ..... Supermaan!!!"

And then he looked at Kaustubh and sarcastically said, "are udd ki Superman!!"
(Come on fly! you Superman!)


Happiness is?
The kid pulls our legs too!!

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