Thursday, 18 May 2017

Toddler vs Mother - Booking more humans

Of all the absurd discussions, this one take the podium. A few days earlier we saw the  movie "Boss baby". The idea is very good of having babies made in factories in heaven and then shipped down to parents. Good concept but elicited more questions than answers. Aarav also knows that a pregnant fat lady is actually carrying a baby.

So he basically now believes, that the baby factory ships a baby right into Mommy's tummy. Don't ask me how he knows this!!! He had collected bits and pieces of information over years and come to this conclusion. 

Aarav, "Aai tu ekach human ka ghetla"
(Mom, why did you take just one human)

Me, "eh?? Mhanje?"
(What do you mean?)

Aarav, "Aga tu ekach ka human magitlas? Don ka nahi magitle?"
(Why did you ask for just one human.. Why not two?)

Me, "Human magitla mhanje??"
(What do you mean by ask for a human?)

Aarav, "Mhanje mi! Ekta mala ka magitlas. Ajun ek extra human ka nahi magitlas bappa la. Aplya kade baby ala asta na."
(Means me! Why did you ask for me only.. Why did you not ask for an extra human in this house. Then there would be a baby sent here right?)

Aah.. The famous baby topic.

Kaustubh, "Asa magun nahi kahi human det. Bappa decide karto ki ek ka don."
(You can't ask for a human. God decides if one or two. We can decide or ask.)

Aarav, "Ho ka?"
(Really, is it.)
And now he is contemplating on this. And I am sweating buckets.

I'm sure there will be more queries on this. But more and more googlies are being thrown and its a task to stay up to speed with his questions :-)

Happiness is?
Amusing scary questions.

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