Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Toddler vs Father - Mean little moron..

Aarav is rather particular about what he wears especially to parties and all.. He loves to shop and choose his own wardrobe. He also makes his comments and opinions on our wardrobe as well, which sometimes are scary or hilarious or downright mean! But we created a talkative little monster always encourage him to speak his mind.. so that's that.

On this one day, Aarav and Kaustubh were to go to Kaustubh's office for a 'Kids day party'.

So on a full shirt formal attire, Aarav chose a rowdy Ferrari sleeveless jacket that screamed 'fashion disaster'. That was still ok, but it was also splattered with remnants of an old meal all over his chest.
Being good parents, we had to warn him...

So just before they left...

Kaustubh was ready in his new shirt that has a splatter of tiny droplet shapes across the chest, said to Aarav, "Aarav tuzha red jerkin var thode daag ahet. Tula to red jerkin ghatlas tar loka shee mhantil"
(Aarav, your red jerkin has spots of food spilled. If you wear that people will say 'eww')

Aarav stared right back and exclaimed rather meanly smugly confidently, "Nahi mhannar. Tuzha shirt asa vattoy ki koni tari ulti kelie. Mag mazha shirt disnar nahi"
(No. No one will say that. Your shirt looks as if you puked all over it. No one will even notice mine)

And then he walked off leaving Kaustubh stunned and me guffawing into a pillow!! The little guy sure knows how to be a little hilarious moron!!

The need for a pause/mute button.

P.s. - I'm still laughing !!!! 

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