Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Phonetics and English Reading

In the last year, Aarav's English reading and questions about English's quirks have increased exponentially. We started a teaching class to teach him phonetics. While it was a good start, the class and teacher's time doesn't seem enough as the benefit we need is not seen.

So.. I started studying phonetics to be able to teach him myself. Amazingly, I have just realised that my father taught me the very same phonetics when I started reading years back!! I just didn't know it, so it makes a lot of sense. Apparently I have a lot more experience with phonology and phonetics that I knew of.

Let's see when I can bring that knowledge into fruition. I have been researching for a year now and there is a lot I have to polish up on before I take matters into my hands completely.

More on this soon...

Happiness is?
My 6 year old is helping me educate myself. Down to the basics!!!  <3

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