Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Story - Face what you must Face.

Face what you must Face
(A beautiful story from Mahabharata)

I am just reminded of a small story, an episode from Mahabharata – where Krishna & Balarama are going to the forest & by then the sun had already set and it grew dark. No huts or resting inns were to be found.

So, it seems Krishna came up with a proposal to Balarama, "I will go to sleep & you keep watching me. Whenever you feel sleepy, you wake me up & I'll keep watching & you can go to sleep".

Krishna went to sleep, Balarama who kept moving to and fro, encountered a monster in the forest who screamed at Balarama. And Balarama who was shaken up by the monster, shrank in size and the monster became bigger than Balarama. 

The monster screamed one more time, Balarama shrank even further and the monster became even bigger.

One last attempt, the Monster screamed at Balarama, unable to take the might of the monster Balarama screamed “Krishna” & he fainted. Hearing the call "Krishna," Krishna woke up. 

Though Balarama had fainted, he mistook Balarama to be sleeping and Krishna started walking to and fro.

So the monster which now saw a new person standing there screamed at him one more time.

And it seems that Krishna instead of being perturbed, stared at the monster and asked: “What do you want ?”

The Courage made Krishna expand and Monster shrink. The monster once again screamed at Krishna, Krishna again asked the Monster “what do you want ?” 

The monster shrank even further. And Krishna expanded even more. One last attempt, Monster screamed at Krishna and Krishna again asked the monster “what do you want?” And the monster shrunk very much in size.

The Epic goes, Krishna took the Monster in his hand, ties the Monster inside the end of his dhoti, by a knot. 

The Sun did rise and Balarama and Krishna began to walk. And as they were walking, Balarama said – "Did you know what happened last night. A monster came and it was threatening us so much.”

Krishna gently took the monster out of his Dhoti and showed it to Balarama and asked – “Are you talking about this?” 

Immediately Balarama exclaims 'but when I saw it, it was so big but now it has become so small'.

And the Veda Vyasa through the voice of Krishna says – When you avoid what you must face in life, it becomes bigger than you and takes control over you.

_The monster here is all the challenges we face in life. If you keep avoiding what you must face, these challenges become monstrous and take control over you._

_When you face what you must face, you become bigger than it and you take control over it._

Always remember, challenges are been given to you for a purpose - for you to become what you can become.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Phonetics and English Reading

In the last year, Aarav's English reading and questions about English's quirks have increased exponentially. We started a teaching class to teach him phonetics. While it was a good start, the class and teacher's time doesn't seem enough as the benefit we need is not seen.

So.. I started studying phonetics to be able to teach him myself. Amazingly, I have just realised that my father taught me the very same phonetics when I started reading years back!! I just didn't know it, so it makes a lot of sense. Apparently I have a lot more experience with phonology and phonetics that I knew of.

Let's see when I can bring that knowledge into fruition. I have been researching for a year now and there is a lot I have to polish up on before I take matters into my hands completely.

More on this soon...

Happiness is?
My 6 year old is helping me educate myself. Down to the basics!!!  <3

Toddler vs Father - Mean little moron..

Aarav is rather particular about what he wears especially to parties and all.. He loves to shop and choose his own wardrobe. He also makes his comments and opinions on our wardrobe as well, which sometimes are scary or hilarious or downright mean! But we created a talkative little monster always encourage him to speak his mind.. so that's that.

On this one day, Aarav and Kaustubh were to go to Kaustubh's office for a 'Kids day party'.

So on a full shirt formal attire, Aarav chose a rowdy Ferrari sleeveless jacket that screamed 'fashion disaster'. That was still ok, but it was also splattered with remnants of an old meal all over his chest.
Being good parents, we had to warn him...

So just before they left...

Kaustubh was ready in his new shirt that has a splatter of tiny droplet shapes across the chest, said to Aarav, "Aarav tuzha red jerkin var thode daag ahet. Tula to red jerkin ghatlas tar loka shee mhantil"
(Aarav, your red jerkin has spots of food spilled. If you wear that people will say 'eww')

Aarav stared right back and exclaimed rather meanly smugly confidently, "Nahi mhannar. Tuzha shirt asa vattoy ki koni tari ulti kelie. Mag mazha shirt disnar nahi"
(No. No one will say that. Your shirt looks as if you puked all over it. No one will even notice mine)

And then he walked off leaving Kaustubh stunned and me guffawing into a pillow!! The little guy sure knows how to be a little hilarious moron!!

The need for a pause/mute button.

P.s. - I'm still laughing !!!! 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

English marathon!!

Last year, Aarav was preparing for a Grade 1 level English marathon exam. Studies were going quite well but I knew that we would need an aggressive revision before the exam.

Aarav, however fell in school and broke his right hand 3 days before the exam. He is right handed and needed to write for the exam, I had pretty much let it go..

We spent two days in the hospital.. Two days at home acclimating with the plaster life.. That was the 9th,10th,11th and 12th.

The exam was on the 12th in the afternoon. Now with all that was going on I did not expect him to be at all interested in the exam, but he was!

So, I spoke to the institute of they could get a writer.. After getting the writer we gave the exam and forgot all about it.

It did not even excite us when the results were out. I did not expect him to even pass, let alone get good marks at all. 

Yesterday, we got the mark sheet and certificates, Aarav scored a good 74% in the exam. That's a distinction!!

Aarav is full of surprises and his will power and drive is inspiring!!

Get up, dust it off and power on!! No matter what.

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