Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Toddler Vs Mother - Prove why your English is better

Aarav and I now try to talk in English. While I am quite fluent, Aarav isn't as much yet. But where he lacks in fluency, he sure makes up in adamancy and Foxiness. :+)

Today's dinner discussion.

Me, "Why are you eating so slowly. You need to finish it ok?"

Aarav, "I not eat slowly. I eat Fastly. You not disturb me."

"You should say "Don't disturb me" and there's no such word as 'fastly' ok?" And then I tried to explain the how comparatives and superlatives work.

Of course, Aarav was in no mood to be corrected or pushed on to eat faster in any way... "No. Slowly correct. So Fastly also correct." And then he rubbed it in "Don't disturb me"

Grumble grumble. At such times, my OCD self is quite conflicted. It's extremely difficult to decide between pursuing an argument or sticking to the original plan of making him eat as I very well know that he's just deflecting it by talking smart.
Tiny little smartass.
"Dude, eat fast and let's not talk now".

Happiness is?
Aargh. Frustratingly hilarious conversations that don't always tip in my favor.

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