Friday, 11 November 2016

Iron man at home!!

November this year as well, we have been able to maintain our yearly record of hospital donations.
On the November 9th, Aarav fell in his school. His shoelace was untied and no one realized it till he face-dived into the cement flooring. His right hand was broken. 

He's a trooper though. We browsed the web for nice plaster art. Aarav decided that he wanted to be Iron man

So the day after the plaster, Aarav and I bought the paint colors of Mr. Stark's choice and got down to work.

Strategically planned his artwork, drew sketches on his white plaster, drew outlines and started painting. Aarav LOVED it!! He did not move his hand and sat watching the paint work till it was finished. He also approved the work and asked for few extra touches...

Finally the work was done. He was extremely giddy!! I had painted little dots on it to show nuts and bolts, but he decided that they were buttons to make things work.

"This button will make me eat" beeep... Now he ate... "This button will make me sleep" beeep boop beep... And then he slept... 

He was the envy of his school friends as well!!

When the time came, he was extremely conflicted as to whether he wanted to keep the ironman hand or to remove it... 

While I wished if we could retain those buttons though and use as a remote to getting things done...  

Now his hand is all better and back to being is silly naughty self.

Every fall is an opportunity to get back up!!

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