Wednesday, 6 July 2016

You and your fake threats!!!

Whenever Aarav acts like a baby, we let him know that he is being a baby. Especially at times he doesn't want to study. Its not that he doesn't like to study.. he just has some initial starting inertia.. once we are able to get him started then it is all smooth sailing.

Now, he has gone to the "Big school" in his 1st std. The campus is for big kids and he takes a lot of pride in now becoming one of the big kids.

But with greatness comes great responsibility. He has to study to stay at par with others. We used to tell him that if he doesn't study, then the teachers will send him back to the small school and back to being a small kid.

Today while we were having dinner this is what happened.

Aarav, "Te kai mini kg la nahi pathvat kahi!! Te fakta office la pathavtat punishment la."
(They dont send to the mini kg.they just send to the school office)

"Tula koni sangitla asa?"
(Who told you?)

Aarav, "Mi aikla. Asa badbad karat hoto mag teacher mhanle, 'Asa kela tar pathavin office la'. Mag!! Mini kg la nahi pathvat. Nusta office la pathavtat."
(I heard. We were talking so teacher said, 'if you do like this then I'll send you to the office'. She will not send to mini kg. . Just the office)

Kaustubh, "Tula mhanlya ka? Tu badbad karat hotas ka?"
(Did she say that to you? Were you talking in class?)

Aarav, "Ho. Pan mala nahi mhanlya. Mi ekdam gappa zhalo. Mag dusrya mulala mhanlya teacher. Mi aikla."
(Yes. But she dint say to me. I stopped talking. She said to another boy. I was just listening.)

"Mag office la gela ki kay hota?"
(And what happens if you get sent to the office?)

"Kai nahi. Asa sad face karun jaycha ani parat yaycha. Kahi hot nahi"
(Nothing. You make a sad face and go and then come back. Nothing happens.)

"Tya boy la pathavla ka office la?"
(So did he get sent to the office?)

Smirking Aarav concluded "Nahi. Teacher ni nusta asa ghabravla. Kahich nahi zhala"
(No. Teacher was just scaring him nothing happened.)

He just caught our lie!! And not only did he catch it, but also verified the complete authenticity, collected proofs and made us know that he knows we bluffed!! Lol!!

Happiness is??
Little Smirky, cross checking, analytical toddler.

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