Friday, 17 June 2016

Toddler vs Mother - Woes of English education..

English is a phunny language.
I talk English. I walk English. But English is a very phunny language.

And now I will tell you why...

Aarav started the new year of school today. His school has names of flowers to identify the division of class. Like Rose class, Lotus class and so on.
Aarav is in the Tulip division.

Aarav was playing with the name today, "Toooolip. Tooooolip. Toooolip." So I corrected his pronunciation, "hey, it is said as Tue-lip not too-lip."

Aarav, "No no. I know. You listen. It is like this" and then pointing a victory sign in one hand and pointing to his lips with the other he said "Two and Lip, it is t-w-o-l-i-p"

Umm.. how do I compete with this logic??

Happiness is?
The boy will do well in his College viva exams. He very strongly stands up for a wrong amswer and will fight to prove it right!!!

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