Friday, 10 June 2016

Self Advocacy - Right back at you...

Aarav's conversations are now downright hilarious..

Early morning today, Aarav woke up and refused to wear his machines. It is probably very peaceful to not hear sometimes as he simple refuses to wear them till he feels completely 'woken up'. While it is good for him, for us we cannot communicate with Aarav if he is not looking at us and reading lips!!! So we usually force him to wear it as soon as he is awake.

Today was no different.
I tapped on his back to look at me and said, "Aarav tuzha machine ghal. Mala tu kay boltos te aiku yet nahie!!!"
(Aarav wear your machine as then I cannot hear you.)
Of course that was wrong.. and I meant to say you cannot hear me, but he caught it!!
Aarav, "Tula aiku yet nahie ka? Mag tula machine lau apan. Aiku yet nasel tar machine nahi ka lavaycha!! Ja tuzha sathi machine aan ata!!"
(You cannot hear? Then we will get you machines. If you cannot hear then you should know to wear machines, isnt it? Go and get machines for yourself now!!)

I bow down to his Royal Highness and have now laid down all arms.

Happiness is??
When self advocacy you have so strongly supported,  comes and bites you in the ass!!!  :-p

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