Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Taxes : Exemption from payment of Profession Tax under Section 27A of Profession Tax Act, Maharashtra State

Exemption from payment of Profession Tax under Section 27A  of Profession Tax Act, Maharashtra  State –  Any person suffering from a permanent physical disability (including blindness), being a permanent physical disability specified in the rules made in this behalf by the State Government, which is certified by a physician, a surgeon or an oculist, as the case may be, working in a Government Hospital is exempt from Complete amount of professional tax payable. To Claim Exemption   individual shall forward the certificate to employer who will produces the aforesaid certificate before the prescribed authority in respect of the first assessment year for which he claims deduction under the act. Since Profession Tax is a Matter of state government so a disabled person working in as state where profession tax is applicable can check the respective profession tax law of their state to check if profession tax exemption is exist for them or not. In India In most states the Professional tax is exempted for disable person.

Read Below article for Profession Tax Rates Applicable in Maharashtra and also about exemption from Profession tax in Maharashtra to Handicapped Person with more than 40 % disability or parent of a physically disabled or mentally retarded child  – New Profession Tax Rates in Maharashtra & Provisions

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What can a parent do??
Send the disability certificate of your dependant to your finance dept / CA.
Under the above rule you need not pay the professional tax.

This is over and above 80DDB deduction.

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