Tuesday, 23 February 2016

What gives men a good topless look....

I think it is time I'll need to paste a stunned look across my face anytime around Aarav. Today's discussion when watching tv.

There is a short scene in the Anjana-Anjani where the camera focuses on the well chised toplessness that is Ranbeer kapoor. Aarav was watching tv as well and is usually rather bored, but this time he was rather interesed.

Aarav, "Aai"
Me, "hmmm?"
Aarav, "Kasla sundar aanga ahe na"
(What a nice body he has!)
My jaw dropped 7 floors below and I am still gathering its bits. I looked at him and he was expecting some response. I had to say something, "huh? Sundar aanga ahe? Kasa kay?"
(Huh? Beautiful body? How so?)
Aarav reasoned quite clearly and gave a demo, "Ho, to doodh piyun excercise karato na mhanun."
(He drinks milk and excercises. That's why)
I clarified, "To doodh piyun excercise karto mhanun sundar aang ahe ka?"
(He drinks milk and excercises so he has a pretty body?)
Aarav, "ho. Asa mala vattay."
(Yes. Thats what I think)
"Barobar mhantoys tu." (I think you are correct) Said I and started looking for the television remote.

Im still stunned really. Please do return any bit of my jaw you can scrape off the floor?!

Happiness is?
On voicing opinions... even strangely amusing or plain shocking ones!!

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