Friday, 11 November 2016

Iron man at home!!

November this year as well, we have been able to maintain our yearly record of hospital donations.
On the November 9th, Aarav fell in his school. His shoelace was untied and no one realized it till he face-dived into the cement flooring. His right hand was broken. 

He's a trooper though. We browsed the web for nice plaster art. Aarav decided that he wanted to be Iron man

So the day after the plaster, Aarav and I bought the paint colors of Mr. Stark's choice and got down to work.

Strategically planned his artwork, drew sketches on his white plaster, drew outlines and started painting. Aarav LOVED it!! He did not move his hand and sat watching the paint work till it was finished. He also approved the work and asked for few extra touches...

Finally the work was done. He was extremely giddy!! I had painted little dots on it to show nuts and bolts, but he decided that they were buttons to make things work.

"This button will make me eat" beeep... Now he ate... "This button will make me sleep" beeep boop beep... And then he slept... 

He was the envy of his school friends as well!!

When the time came, he was extremely conflicted as to whether he wanted to keep the ironman hand or to remove it... 

While I wished if we could retain those buttons though and use as a remote to getting things done...  

Now his hand is all better and back to being is silly naughty self.

Every fall is an opportunity to get back up!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

You and your fake threats!!!

Whenever Aarav acts like a baby, we let him know that he is being a baby. Especially at times he doesn't want to study. Its not that he doesn't like to study.. he just has some initial starting inertia.. once we are able to get him started then it is all smooth sailing.

Now, he has gone to the "Big school" in his 1st std. The campus is for big kids and he takes a lot of pride in now becoming one of the big kids.

But with greatness comes great responsibility. He has to study to stay at par with others. We used to tell him that if he doesn't study, then the teachers will send him back to the small school and back to being a small kid.

Today while we were having dinner this is what happened.

Aarav, "Te kai mini kg la nahi pathvat kahi!! Te fakta office la pathavtat punishment la."
(They dont send to the mini kg.they just send to the school office)

"Tula koni sangitla asa?"
(Who told you?)

Aarav, "Mi aikla. Asa badbad karat hoto mag teacher mhanle, 'Asa kela tar pathavin office la'. Mag!! Mini kg la nahi pathvat. Nusta office la pathavtat."
(I heard. We were talking so teacher said, 'if you do like this then I'll send you to the office'. She will not send to mini kg. . Just the office)

Kaustubh, "Tula mhanlya ka? Tu badbad karat hotas ka?"
(Did she say that to you? Were you talking in class?)

Aarav, "Ho. Pan mala nahi mhanlya. Mi ekdam gappa zhalo. Mag dusrya mulala mhanlya teacher. Mi aikla."
(Yes. But she dint say to me. I stopped talking. She said to another boy. I was just listening.)

"Mag office la gela ki kay hota?"
(And what happens if you get sent to the office?)

"Kai nahi. Asa sad face karun jaycha ani parat yaycha. Kahi hot nahi"
(Nothing. You make a sad face and go and then come back. Nothing happens.)

"Tya boy la pathavla ka office la?"
(So did he get sent to the office?)

Smirking Aarav concluded "Nahi. Teacher ni nusta asa ghabravla. Kahich nahi zhala"
(No. Teacher was just scaring him nothing happened.)

He just caught our lie!! And not only did he catch it, but also verified the complete authenticity, collected proofs and made us know that he knows we bluffed!! Lol!!

Happiness is??
Little Smirky, cross checking, analytical toddler.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Toddler vs Mother - Woes of English education..

English is a phunny language.
I talk English. I walk English. But English is a very phunny language.

And now I will tell you why...

Aarav started the new year of school today. His school has names of flowers to identify the division of class. Like Rose class, Lotus class and so on.
Aarav is in the Tulip division.

Aarav was playing with the name today, "Toooolip. Tooooolip. Toooolip." So I corrected his pronunciation, "hey, it is said as Tue-lip not too-lip."

Aarav, "No no. I know. You listen. It is like this" and then pointing a victory sign in one hand and pointing to his lips with the other he said "Two and Lip, it is t-w-o-l-i-p"

Umm.. how do I compete with this logic??

Happiness is?
The boy will do well in his College viva exams. He very strongly stands up for a wrong amswer and will fight to prove it right!!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

1st standard started!!

Aarav has started his 1st standard today!!! 

Today was his first day in school. What a lovely day!
The very first day of school!! It is a beautiful feeling.

New clothes, new bag, new books, new compass box, new stationary, new tiffin and water bottle new shoes.. Just the smell of a brand new notebooks makes me feel nostalgic.

Aarav got up early and was very excited about going to his New school! He ate in record time and spend 30 minutes trying to get his shoelaces knotted!! 

I took like a million photos till I dropped him.. and had to stopped when ho got bored of the paparazzi and walked off. 

He later told that school was a lot of fun! He had cup cakes school and watched cartoon movies.  The teachers are nice and helpful.
Looking forward to another great school year.

Happiness is ?
A great first day of school!!

Taxes : Claim for deduction under 80DDB

Who can claim a deduction under section 80DD?

As per Section 80 Deductions,Tax Saving
Deduction under section 80DD of the income tax act is allowed to Resident Individuals or HUFs for a dependant

-who is differently abled and

– is wholly dependent on the individual (or HUF) for support & maintainance.

Below are the conditions you must meet to avail this deduction –

#Deduction is allowed for a dependant of the tax payer and not the tax payer himself.

#The taxpayer is not allowed this deduction if the dependant has claimed a deduction under section 80U for himself/herself.

#Dependant in case of an individual taxpayer means spouse, children, parents, brothers & sisters of the taxpayer.

#In case of an HUF means a member of the HUF.The taxpayer has incurred expenses for medical treatment (including nursing), training & rehabilitation of the differently abled dependant or the tax payer may have deposited in a scheme of LIC or another insurer for maintenance of the dependant

#Disability of the dependant is not less than 40%.Disability is as defined under section 2(i) of the Persons of Disabilities Act, 1995

When the above conditions are met amount of deduction allowed is –

Rs 50,000 (in financial year 2014-15) where disability is more than 40% and less than 80%Rs 1,00,000 (in financial year 2014-15)

where disability is more than 80%These deductions are allowed irrespective of your actual expenditure.

Do note that starting financial year 2015-16 – The deduction limit of Rs 50,000 has been raised to Rs 75,000 and Rs 1,00,000 has been raised to Rs 1,25,000.

For more on this...

As a parent what do you need to do??

> Contact your local govt hospital. For eg, Sassoon in Pune.
> Apply for and get the Disability certificate.

> send the disability certificate along with 80DDB details to your CA or the finance department if salaried.

The deduction will be applicable according to the % disability mentioned on the disability certificate.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Taxes : Exemption from payment of Profession Tax under Section 27A of Profession Tax Act, Maharashtra State

Exemption from payment of Profession Tax under Section 27A  of Profession Tax Act, Maharashtra  State –  Any person suffering from a permanent physical disability (including blindness), being a permanent physical disability specified in the rules made in this behalf by the State Government, which is certified by a physician, a surgeon or an oculist, as the case may be, working in a Government Hospital is exempt from Complete amount of professional tax payable. To Claim Exemption   individual shall forward the certificate to employer who will produces the aforesaid certificate before the prescribed authority in respect of the first assessment year for which he claims deduction under the act. Since Profession Tax is a Matter of state government so a disabled person working in as state where profession tax is applicable can check the respective profession tax law of their state to check if profession tax exemption is exist for them or not. In India In most states the Professional tax is exempted for disable person.

Read Below article for Profession Tax Rates Applicable in Maharashtra and also about exemption from Profession tax in Maharashtra to Handicapped Person with more than 40 % disability or parent of a physically disabled or mentally retarded child  – New Profession Tax Rates in Maharashtra & Provisions

- See more at:

What can a parent do??
Send the disability certificate of your dependant to your finance dept / CA.
Under the above rule you need not pay the professional tax.

This is over and above 80DDB deduction.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Marathoner!! The Golden Sparrow Published Aarav's Run!

The little Marathoner is in the News again!!


 This five-year-old is inspired  by his doctor to run
pg_8&9_1_3Aarav Shewale is just five years old, and he was one of the youngest runners at TGS MoveIt Marathon. He participated in the 3 km run, and was overjoyed when he crossed the finish line along with his mother Jui. A standard I student of Karnatak High School, Aarav has been running since he was three. When he was one-and-a-half-years old, he was diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss, which was a devastating experience for his parents. But they faced the adversity with fortitude, and Aarav underwent surgery to get cochlear implants, which brought his hearing back. But then the parents had to teach him to speak.
Dr Neelam Vaid, the doctor who performed the surgery on Aarav, is an avid runner herself, and she has also motivated Aarav to take up running.
“We are deeply indebted to Dr Neelam for encouraging our son to take up running,” said his mother Jui. Now Aarav runs thrice a week with his father Kaustubh. “Running is Aarav’s favourite way to spend time with his dad, which is their regular father-son time,” she says.
After experiencing the emotional rollercoaster owing to Aarav’s disorder, it is a joy for his parents to see how he has progressed in the last three years. Energetic and fun-loving, besides running, Aarav also loves badminton. When he crossed the finish line, he shouted, “I won! I won,” which was like music to his parents’ ears.



Friday, 10 June 2016

Self Advocacy - Right back at you...

Aarav's conversations are now downright hilarious..

Early morning today, Aarav woke up and refused to wear his machines. It is probably very peaceful to not hear sometimes as he simple refuses to wear them till he feels completely 'woken up'. While it is good for him, for us we cannot communicate with Aarav if he is not looking at us and reading lips!!! So we usually force him to wear it as soon as he is awake.

Today was no different.
I tapped on his back to look at me and said, "Aarav tuzha machine ghal. Mala tu kay boltos te aiku yet nahie!!!"
(Aarav wear your machine as then I cannot hear you.)
Of course that was wrong.. and I meant to say you cannot hear me, but he caught it!!
Aarav, "Tula aiku yet nahie ka? Mag tula machine lau apan. Aiku yet nasel tar machine nahi ka lavaycha!! Ja tuzha sathi machine aan ata!!"
(You cannot hear? Then we will get you machines. If you cannot hear then you should know to wear machines, isnt it? Go and get machines for yourself now!!)

I bow down to his Royal Highness and have now laid down all arms.

Happiness is??
When self advocacy you have so strongly supported,  comes and bites you in the ass!!!  :-p

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Toddler vs Mother - Funny translations to english

We speak Marathi at home and English in school. So relating the marathi words to english words is always funny.

Today Aarav was reading 'The Ugly Duckling' and suddenly as the ducklings were being bad to the ugly one, Aarav had an eureka moment.

Aarav, "Aai"
Me, "yes?"
Aarav, "he 'Duckling' mhanje Pushing ka??"

I explained it is not the same but after a large fit of giggles.

In marathi, 'dhakal' means to push and the pronunciation is very close to 'Duckle'. Typical english verb form, like sitting, playing, eating became Duckling. lol. I am still laughing!!

Happiness is??
Ducklings of joy!!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

One year since bilateral..

Today is the first anniversary of the bilateral surgery... what a day!!

Happiness is??

Finally bilateral!!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

What gives men a good topless look....

I think it is time I'll need to paste a stunned look across my face anytime around Aarav. Today's discussion when watching tv.

There is a short scene in the Anjana-Anjani where the camera focuses on the well chised toplessness that is Ranbeer kapoor. Aarav was watching tv as well and is usually rather bored, but this time he was rather interesed.

Aarav, "Aai"
Me, "hmmm?"
Aarav, "Kasla sundar aanga ahe na"
(What a nice body he has!)
My jaw dropped 7 floors below and I am still gathering its bits. I looked at him and he was expecting some response. I had to say something, "huh? Sundar aanga ahe? Kasa kay?"
(Huh? Beautiful body? How so?)
Aarav reasoned quite clearly and gave a demo, "Ho, to doodh piyun excercise karato na mhanun."
(He drinks milk and excercises. That's why)
I clarified, "To doodh piyun excercise karto mhanun sundar aang ahe ka?"
(He drinks milk and excercises so he has a pretty body?)
Aarav, "ho. Asa mala vattay."
(Yes. Thats what I think)
"Barobar mhantoys tu." (I think you are correct) Said I and started looking for the television remote.

Im still stunned really. Please do return any bit of my jaw you can scrape off the floor?!

Happiness is?
On voicing opinions... even strangely amusing or plain shocking ones!!

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