Thursday, 17 December 2015

On eating babies..

I meant exactly what you read..

Aarav has been known to ask the most amusing questions ever. Usually I know what to expect and I am ready for them, but sometimes he just throws a googly and I am either giggling my ass off or staring at him stunned.

Today's conversation.

We were watching TV when the new nestle baby food for expecting mothers advertisement came up.

Aarav, "Kasli fat ahe ti"
(look how fat she is!")

On that I spontaneously responded, "Nahi, ticha potat baby ahe."

Aarav was very concerned on hearing this. He immediately asked, "Potat baby ahe! Kasa kay? Tini khalla ka ???"
(In her stomach? But how?? Did she eat it ???)

I literally fell off the chair laughing after I heard this. Later I explained that moms make babies in their tummy. We definitely don't eat them junior!!!

Happiness is?
Humorous conversations!!!!

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