Monday, 23 November 2015

Khambatki ghat accident 2015

Khandala Luxury bus accident. 22 Oct 4:30 am. Head on collision between Pune bound luxury sleeper volvo and Satara bound luxury bus. Satara bound was being driven wrongly into the one way tunnel road instead of following the Khambatki highway.
2 dead on the spot, 12 critical and 40+ heavily injured.

These were the statistics that got printed across newspapers and news media on 23rd. For the rest of the world, what was just a statistic, for us, another game changer.
Kaustubh, Aarav and I were in the Pune bound bus.

This Sunday was a high tight rope walk between life and death, and despite immense physical and mental trauma, we crossed over to the side that survived.
Multiple impact injuries for Kaustubh and I are negligible if compared to the strength, courage and maturity that Aarav showed. Again.

Aarav broke his left ankle and has been given a full leg cast and 4 weeks of mandatory rest.
After a lot of Ambulances, Police, Hospitals, Doctors, another Operation Theater....
We reached back home yesterday night.....
Feeling grateful and blessed. Someone up there is watching out for us.

Few news links:-

Happiness is?
Alive and kicking!!

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