Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Toddler vs Mother - Chocos in. Chocos out.

Date - 06/02/2015
Reminiscing a few old posts that never got posted.......
Last week Aarav had viral dysentery. Poor kid had a very bad week. He couldn't eat comfortably and anything he did caused him to run to the wash room. Quite tiring.
His doctor prescribed medicines and told us to keep an eye on how his stomach was and the level of stomach pain he had. To do this, I used to keep asking how his potty looked and felt and did it pain....

Aarav, "Aai mazhi potty zhali.(Mom, finished my potty)
Me, "ok, kashi hoti?(how was it?)
Aarav, "dukhli ani black and 7 potty ali." (It pained and was black and there were 7 pieces)
Me, "ok"

Aarav, "Aai mazhi potty zhali."
Me, "ok, kashi hoti?"
Aarav, "dukhli ani black and fakta 3 potty ali. Ani shushu pan ali(It pained and was black and there were only 3 pieces. And I peed also)
Me, "ok"

Aarav, "Aai mazhi potty zhali."
Me, "ok, kashi hoti?"
Aarav, "maumau ani brown and fakta 3 potty ali.(It was soft and brown and only 3 pieces)
Me, "ok. Dukhli ka?(did it pain?)
Aarav,"nai dukhli(No, No pain)
Me, "aah good tummy days are back!!"

This was a week back but Aarav is still dutifully telling me all details. This was the conversation yesterday when we were snacking on Chocos

Aarav, "Aai, tu mala Chocos dileli khayla athavla?"

(Mom, you gave me Chocos to eat remember?)

Me," ho?(Yes?)

Aarav, "Athavla ka??(Do you remember?)

Me," ho daycare madhe na? Athavla mala. Pudhe bol ki"
(Yes To eat in your daycare. I remember, what about it?)

Aarav," aaj mala Chocos chi potty ali.(Today My potty was like Chocos)

Me, half way through eating chocos," kaaay??        (Whaaat?)

Aarav looking to my chocos bowl," ho. Brown ani maumau ani choti choti chocos chi 11 potty." (It was brown and soft and small small Choco 11 pieces.)

I kept my half eaten bowl down. I'll never be able to eat chocos again.

Extremely correct descriptions of everything!!!

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