Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Awaaj Aala!! A Documentary on Cochlear implants

In the year 2012, shortly after his first cochlear implant surgery, Aarav featured in a Movie called Awaaj Aala. This was a documentary created by Minnie Vaid to create awareness about Cochlear Implants.

> Aarav was just 21 months old, just 3 months post surgery.
> Aarav was one of the four candidates who were selected part of the documentary film for Cochlear implants.
> Aarav was the youngest of all the kids in the movie.

When we started our Cochlear implant journey, we knew we would have to learn a lot. But we never expected that Aarav would help us have exposure to so many new and varied things!!

This movie completed processing in 2012 end of year and was broadcast on many news channels across India. Finally, this can now be uploaded and published on Youtube.

This is the full movie for your viewing.

A documentary Movie on Cochlear implants.

PART 01 :

PART 02 :

PART 03 : 

Even today, when we see this movie it moves us. We have come a long way from living life in silence to sound!!

So Proud!! 

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