Thursday, 10 September 2015

Aarav's Right Ear Cochlear implant Switch on..

It has been 3 years and 3 months since Aarav's first ear was switched on. And It feels so good to see the switch on video and see how marvellous the experience was.

It did take me that long to publish it though. The path we have traversed was not an easy one. IT has been a roller-coaster of emotions but cant help feel extremely satisfactory and proud!!!

Featured in this video is me, Aarav and our Audiologist, Jyoti Shanbagh. I still thank her everyday for making our switch on experience so beautiful!


  1. Hi Jui Moghe- Shewale and Aarav,
    i read all your posts.and i want to tell u that my son is also have bilateral profound hearing loss. we are decided to do the bilateral CI. i am little bit confused. i have some doubts too. My son's name is Goutham and he is just 1 and half year old boy. could you please clarify my doubts? can u put a mail to me? my mail id is

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