Thursday, 13 August 2015

Time stops at 12??

As a part of school syllabus Aarav has completed counting from 1-100 and reverse. And he knows his numbers very well now.

Early morning today Aarav and were cuddling in bed chit chatting.. Well, he was talking and I was nodding as he had not yet put his Neptunes on..

Aarav, "
He asa wrong kela. 12 mag 13 asta. 13ch nahie. 12 mag 1 asa wrong lihilay."
This is wrong. 13 comes after 12. There is no 13. 1 after 12 is wrongly written)

"Kuthe wrong lihilay", I asked.
(Where is it wrongly written?)

Aarav, "Te kay. Clock madhe fakta 12ch ahe. 13ch nahie."
(There. The clock has only 12  there is no 13.)

It is times like these that amuse me to no end. I don't remember ever asking these doubts. Aarav has the most amazing questions :-)

Happiness is??
Questions and more discussions!!

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