Monday, 24 August 2015

Object oriented Bribery!!!

Aarav loves vehicals. Especially cars. He is much more well versed with all the car brands and car names than I am. Whenever we are out for a ride, he is busy peeking out the window and naming out cars. A normal volume for a normal car and a super high volume for every super car seen.
He will put Justin Beiber fans to shame the moment they see him spot a Jaguar or a Porsce. He's that high pitched.

So last week when we bought a new printer, that was his first request. "Print me cars."

So we googled and put all nice cars in a doc file and printed him 22 cars, one of those is a Police BMW that he absolutely loves. He even told me that he now needs a bigger print. After the bigger print, he realised you cant play with a printout, so he said he wants a real one. :-O

So to get him a real one, we think it needs to be earned and not just gifted. So we told him that he needs to finish 20 pages writing first.

To keep track, this is the page we created. Aarav has written it all.. and the target to achieve as well :-)

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Naag Panchami and Mehendi designs!

Aarav and I celebrated Nag Panchami thanks to Aarav school calender. It reminded me that Aarav was to have Nag Panchami celebration. So I told him how Naag (or the Cobra) is worshipped and how we put mehendi and have sweets.

Aarav, was most interested in the Mehendi. It has been a while since I drew ant so he had not seen thia. He wanted to have some drawn on his hand as well and as school has permitted, I was ok as well.

Aarav then made a well thought out request to have and I quote, "Mala ek happy Ganpati bappa, mottha nagoba, chote baby nagoba, ek flower and 5 stars havet." And he added, " Aai, tu pan matching happy Ganpati bappa draw kar"

(I want a happy Ganpati bappa, a big cobra, small baby cobras, one flower and five stars........ Aai, you also draw a matching happy lord Ganesha.)

And so we did.

Happiness is....
All the small joys of life!!!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Awaaj Aala - Interview with Minnie Vaid, author and Director of Awaaj Aala held by Godrej Culture Lab.

This is one of the best videos that I have seen in a long long time!!!

Minnie Vaid, Author and Director of Awaaj Aala speaks in a function about her movie.

In this film screening and discussion held at Godrej India Culture Lab on 4th October 2013, Minnie Vaid talked about her documentary film Awaaz Aala. The film talks about cochlear implants for hearing-impaired children. The talk was made even more informative when an audience member explained how her son's cochlear implant functions.

Loving it!!

The documentary movie is coming up available for public viewing very very soon.....
Watch this space...

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Time stops at 12??

As a part of school syllabus Aarav has completed counting from 1-100 and reverse. And he knows his numbers very well now.

Early morning today Aarav and were cuddling in bed chit chatting.. Well, he was talking and I was nodding as he had not yet put his Neptunes on..

Aarav, "
He asa wrong kela. 12 mag 13 asta. 13ch nahie. 12 mag 1 asa wrong lihilay."
This is wrong. 13 comes after 12. There is no 13. 1 after 12 is wrongly written)

"Kuthe wrong lihilay", I asked.
(Where is it wrongly written?)

Aarav, "Te kay. Clock madhe fakta 12ch ahe. 13ch nahie."
(There. The clock has only 12  there is no 13.)

It is times like these that amuse me to no end. I don't remember ever asking these doubts. Aarav has the most amazing questions :-)

Happiness is??
Questions and more discussions!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

AB misspelled it all!!

As a school requirement, we are required to label all of Aarav's belongings. So wrong labels are not accepted by Aarav anymore and the following happens.....

Aarav wears his Neptunes in the lanyard. While changing clothes today, Aarav suddenly remembered something about his Neptune pouch, so he held it up for me to see and told me, "Aai. He wrong ahe."
(Mom, this is wrong)

I said, "wrong kay?"
(What's wrong?)

Aarav, "Ikde AB asa lihilay. A A R A V asa havae. Mazha naav AB nahie. Aarav ahe na? Mhanun he wrong ahe. Tu he repair kar"
(It is written as AB here. My name is not AB. My name is AARAV. That's why this is wrong. You please repair this)

I couldn't help laughing, "ho, apan sangu tyanna wrong spelling takla ani correct spelling taka".
(Yes, we will tell them that they put the wrong spelling and we'll get it repaired.)

Happiness is...
Advanced Bionics should be named as AARAV and not AB!!!

Friday, 7 August 2015

My friend has pretty long hair!!

10 pm at night and packing up the Neptunes to go to sleep now. Aarav picks up the Neptunes and lanyard and tells me this....

Aarav, "Aai, Shamika ahe na tiche khoop lamb kes ahet."
(Mom, my friend Shamika has really long hair)

Me, "Hmmm accha"
(Hmm ok)

Aarav, "Tula dakhavu??? He bagh ashe."
(You want to see?? See .... long hair like this!)

Lol lol. Indeed!!!

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