Saturday, 25 July 2015

Toddler vs Mother - My Smelly stinky Mother!!!

On Friday, we had our speech therapy. Aarav went to school in the morning and then had lunch in his daycare. I also got half of my office work done early morning and literally ran to pick him up for the therapy. The monsoon rain does make things slow...

On the way to KEM, Aarav and I were watching the rain from the richskaw conversing as usual. It was a beautiful soft drizzle that doesn't get you drenched, but softly settles on you and then seeps in leaving tiny droplets on the surface. Much like a freshly sprayed bouquet...

Now, both of us love this rain. However, I got wet till I got the rickshaw. My hair was damp and shoes were squeaking with all the water in them. I just made sure that Aarav was dry atleast till therapy was done.

Back to the present, this is the conversation that followed with Aarav scooting close to me and I hugging him.

Aarav, "Aai mag apan....." stopped midway through a dialog and sniffed the air. "Mala kasla tari vas yetoy"
(I smell something funny)

Me, "Kasla re?"
(What's that?)

Aarav held my hand close, and inspected it and then concluded, "Tuzha hatacha vaas yetoy"
(Your hand smells funny)

Me, "Hatacha kasla vaas are?"
(Why would my hand smell?)

Aarav thought for a bit and then concluded, "Mala asa vattay, ki tu anghol nahi kelies."
(I have a feeling that you have not had a bath)

By this time, I figured that all the bath time instructions were going to come back at me and bite me in the ass. This was the weirdest place to discuss bathing routines and yet here we were, discussing them in a rickshaw, with the driver only a foot away, in a loud and clear voice.

Now the only thing I could pray was that somehow the richshaw driver would magically forget Marathi and not understand a word.

And I said, "Aarav, mazhi anghol zhalie."
(I have had a bath today)

Aarav countered , "barr... pan mala asa vattay ki tu neet nahi anghol kelis. Tu saban nahi lavlaes. Mala panyacha vaas yetoy."
(Ok. But I still think you did not wash up properly. You dint use soap. I can smell water)

By now I could feel the drivers ears peaking up. Even a giggle or two maybe...

Me, "are mi pausat bhijle Aarav. Yenarach ola vaas. Oli zhalie mi"
(I got wet in the rain Aarav, im dripping wet. You are smelling rain off me)

Aarav thought for a while and then replied, "ok. Pan next time neet anghol kar ok. Saban gheun neet bubbles karun wash wash wash karun anghol kar. Ashi ghanerdi anghol nako karus."
(Ok, next time please take a proper bath ok. Take a good soap and make bubbles and have a bath. Dont take a dirty bath like you did today.)

The driver probably had an asthamatic attack because of hiding his guffaws. And all I could do was to change the topic to something far far away....

Teach him to talk, wont you?? Tell him to speak his mind wont you?? Lol.

Happiness is...
Boy talks a lot !!  Where's the bloody mute button???

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