Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Antennas of an Ant!!!

A very pensive Aarav told me today morning, "Aai, mi atta baghitla. Mungicha nose la pan 2 pay udat astat".
(Mom, I saw today. There are two flying legs on an ant's nose)

Amused I said, "Pay nahiet, Dokyala antenna astat tyani mungi jevan shodhate"
(Not legs, ants have antennae on their head to search for food).

With this new found knowledge, Aarav informed Kaustubh, "Baba. mungi cha nose cha dokyala don antenna che pay astat. Payani mungi poli kuthe poli kuthe asa shodhate."
(Dad, on the head of the nose of an ant, there are two legs of antennae with which ant searches, where's my chapatti where's my chapatti!!)

Happiness is..
Antenna che pay!! Legs of an antenna!!!


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