Monday, 8 June 2015

Toddler vs Mother - Part 07 Dining and drinking...

After spending 20 minutes not eating fast, I started pushing Aarav to speed up during dinner...

Jui, "Aarav neet jevaycha, chaun khaycha patata jevan sampavaycha. Tu jevtana chul kay bhartoys?? Neet jevanakade laksha de."
(Aarav, eat properly. Chew properly and eat fast. Why are you rinsing your mouth in between dinner?? Pay attention and have your dinner fast.)

Aarav gulps down the water and very cooly replies, "Aai. Mi Pani pan chaun chaun khatoy."
(Aai, I am chewing water as well and eating it fast.)

Umm.... ok then.

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