Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Toddler vs Mother - Dirty girls.. Sheee Shee She

Reading a book the other day, Aarav and Kaustubh were discussing the words as they came along. Kaustubh has enormous patience to handle the little easily distracted toddler and can get lots of pages read out of him in each sitting... I just watch at times like this and enjoy the sessions....
On this day, they were reading a book about Raja and Rani and pronouns had just been introduced.

The line read, "This is Rani. She has a cat"

Aarav, "She.. shee mhanje kay?" And then pointing at the girl in the picture, "girl shee-shee ahe ka? Tila potty ali ka?"

Kaustubh pointing at the girl, " She mhanje hi girl"

Aarav made a weird face and replied, "girl Shee ahe?"

Kautubh, "Nahi Aarav, Potty mhanje shee-shee. She mhanje 'ti'. Chal pudhe vaach"

Jui, "Kaustubh, ek sec. Aarav, 'To' mhanje 'He' ani ti girl ahe na mhanje 'she' asa mhantat. Girls shi shi nastat..."

Aarav, "Aai tu shee-shee nahie ga... hi book madhe girl ahe ti shee-shee ahe. Tu chan ahes."

Stupid english language. Lol.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Toddler vs Mother - Part 07 Dining and drinking...

After spending 20 minutes not eating fast, I started pushing Aarav to speed up during dinner...

Jui, "Aarav neet jevaycha, chaun khaycha patata jevan sampavaycha. Tu jevtana chul kay bhartoys?? Neet jevanakade laksha de."
(Aarav, eat properly. Chew properly and eat fast. Why are you rinsing your mouth in between dinner?? Pay attention and have your dinner fast.)

Aarav gulps down the water and very cooly replies, "Aai. Mi Pani pan chaun chaun khatoy."
(Aai, I am chewing water as well and eating it fast.)

Umm.... ok then.

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