Saturday, 25 April 2015

Bilateral CI Surgery : Day T+5 Helmets off!!!

The head bandages were removed today!!

The wound has healed and looks good as well. There are no stitches seen at all. Usually you can see stitches once the wound is exposed. The last CI surgery we were so busy worrying that we never realised that we never asked about this. So this time I had it on my list to ask. What I heard was amazing!!

There are no stitches at all. None!!
The skin is superglued together with a medicinal glue.. so the skin basically is stuck back together when the work is done. No punctures or stitches on the skin!!!

No wonder the hair is not damaged. Only the fine line of the incision loses the hair folicles. The rest are preserved :-)

Now I am no doctor to tell you the details.... but this was just too pretty cool!! The wound also looks healed immediately and there is no worry about multiple dressing and possible infections etc. In fact, Aarav has been allowed to take a head bath tomorrow. That is just 6 days post surgery. Bloody amazing!!!

The wound and the implant inside has caused a small mound on his tiny head.. but I think that was even on the first surgery. We just never noticed these finer details then.

The last time we were freaking out at every sneeze.. this time we knew what to expect. The week was a smooooth breeze.

Again, No issues before or after surgery. No leakage no wound issue. No facial or nervous glitches. No change in behaviour, pain, etc.
A real smooth surgery indeed.

All credit to our Surgeon Dr V, and the KEM Big Ears team. Love them!!!

After the bandage was removed Aarav was back to his usual self, bot that the bandage held him back, but still :-)

So helmet-less Aarav for you :-)

Happiness is?

Smiles and more smiles all over.

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