Monday, 20 April 2015

Bilateral CI Surgery : Day T, Surgery day

Date - 20-04-2015

The day has been lightning fast, so just a snippet post...

The surgery prep processes started at 6:15 am. Aarav was given an injection and we got him dresses up in the patient scrubs..

He enjoyed the ride on the stretcher to the operation theater and we had entered the OT campus by 6:45am.

Surgery started at 7:30 am and lasted for two hours. We were allowed to meet Aarav at 10:30 am in the post-op resting room.

The anaesthetia wore off and Aarav was moved back to the room at 11:30 am.


Surgery has been good and Aarav is feeling good now. Has some fever but thats ok. Rest all the perfect.

More later ...

Happiness is??

Finally bilateral!!!

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