Wednesday, 29 April 2015

What's that line on your head??

Its been 8 days post surgery and 3 days since the bandage was removed. We had kept Aarav at home these few days with just a few small bike or car rides around town. Aarav however misses his friends in the daycare a lot. So yesterday I dropped him at the daycare again. The lady who runs the daycare, asked what precautions should I take and I replied, just make sure that none of the kids touch near the head or touch the wound. Rest all is ok..
All other kids and Aarav too heard this and immwdiately all other kids started asking what happened to his head..

Chinmay, "Kay zhala ithe? Laglae ka"
(What happened here, are you hurt?)

Aarav pointed two fingers at him like a Victory sign and said, "Naai. Two machines ahe."
(No, two machines are present)

Nevaan, "kuthe? Baghu?"
(Where? Show?)

Aarav turned his head around like an owl showing the old and the new, "Ithe ani Ithe. Atta aat taklae machine. Ear cha aat. Ithe haat nai lavaycha. Machine ahe"
(Here and here, inside my ear. Dont touch this place. The machine is inside.)

The kids peered on for a few seconds and as the wound was not entertaining them at all, they just went back to playing like always :-)

Happiness is?

Self Advocacy!!! And Aarav loves the fact that he now has two machines!!!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Bilateral CI Surgery : Day T+5 Helmets off!!!

The head bandages were removed today!!

The wound has healed and looks good as well. There are no stitches seen at all. Usually you can see stitches once the wound is exposed. The last CI surgery we were so busy worrying that we never realised that we never asked about this. So this time I had it on my list to ask. What I heard was amazing!!

There are no stitches at all. None!!
The skin is superglued together with a medicinal glue.. so the skin basically is stuck back together when the work is done. No punctures or stitches on the skin!!!

No wonder the hair is not damaged. Only the fine line of the incision loses the hair folicles. The rest are preserved :-)

Now I am no doctor to tell you the details.... but this was just too pretty cool!! The wound also looks healed immediately and there is no worry about multiple dressing and possible infections etc. In fact, Aarav has been allowed to take a head bath tomorrow. That is just 6 days post surgery. Bloody amazing!!!

The wound and the implant inside has caused a small mound on his tiny head.. but I think that was even on the first surgery. We just never noticed these finer details then.

The last time we were freaking out at every sneeze.. this time we knew what to expect. The week was a smooooth breeze.

Again, No issues before or after surgery. No leakage no wound issue. No facial or nervous glitches. No change in behaviour, pain, etc.
A real smooth surgery indeed.

All credit to our Surgeon Dr V, and the KEM Big Ears team. Love them!!!

After the bandage was removed Aarav was back to his usual self, bot that the bandage held him back, but still :-)

So helmet-less Aarav for you :-)

Happiness is?

Smiles and more smiles all over.

Friday, 24 April 2015

What's that on your head?? Puneri Pagdi ka kay hi??

Bilateral CI surgery Lt ear.
Date T+4 after surgery.

After sitting at home for almost 10 days, Aarav wanted to go meet his daycare friends today.. partly out of sheer boredom, probably due to us being overly protective these few days and partly to show off his newly bought Cars. So we dropped him at his daycare and let him play and meet his friends. He enjoyed that little break a lot!!

Now remember folks, Aarav still has the Surgery bandage on his head. So at night we asked him about his experience with that..

I asked, "Aaj Nevaan kade kay kelas?"
(What did you do at Nevaan's today?.. Nevaan is his best friend in the daycare.)
Aarav said, "Khoop khelalo. Ani car khelalo. Ani fire engine khelalo. Ani pakada pakdi  khelalo"
(Played a lot. And played with car. And with fite engine. Ani we played chase and catch.)
Me, "Tula koni vicharla nai ka dokya var kay ahe"
(Did anyone ask you what's on your head)
Aarav, "naai vicharla"
(Dint ask.)
Me, "konich nahi vicharla?? Ajibat nai??"
(No one asked? None at all??)
Aarav thought for a sec and replied, "Om ni vicharla."
(Om asked. Om is another friend at the daycare)
Me, "ho ka, kay vicharla?"
(Really, what did he ask?)
Pointing to his head Aarav said, "he kay ahe asa"
(He asked, What is this, like that)
Quite intrigued I pushed on, "Mag tu kay sangitlas?"
(So then what did you tell?)
Aarav explained, "Mi bolalo ki te mazha helmet ahe mhanun."
(I told him that this is my Helmet)
Amazed and surprised at his reply, "helmet?? Mag to kay mhanla?"
(Helmet, so what did he say??)
Aarav, "Mag to mhanla ki 'accha barra' asa."
(So then he said 'oh okay' like that.)

We usually call his bandage a helmet as it looks like one or a 'Pagdi', the traditional Puneri headwear. Aarav too used the same name!!

Happiness is??

Puneri Pagdi maanachi!! The honorable Puneri Pagdi saves the day!!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bilateral CI Surgery : Day T+1 Xray & Discharge

Date 21-04-2015

Another super fast day today..

After the early morning checkups by the resident doctors we were asked to go get an Xray of the implant and electrode array. That was like a mini vacation for Aarav as he enjoyed the car ride after being cooped up in the room for 2 days.

The XRay is awesome. Can't tell how amazing it feels just to see the handiwork of our doc...

After we returned back to the hospital, had our lunch and then filled our AB order form for New Neptune...

Our doctor gave us a clean chit by 2 pm and gave a go ahead on getting discharged. It took a lot of time however for the paper clearances to be done. We were given a discharge by 6:30 and we were home by 7:30pm today.


After so much anxiety for years since the first implant, this feels not as complicated as I thought it to be. In fact, these last three days couldn't have been smoother. All thanks to our Doc, Dr V and her team.

Just 15 minutes for the date to change , I'll now be closing off for the day for now. See you all soon.....

Happiness is??
Another hurdle crossed.....

Monday, 20 April 2015

Bilateral CI Surgery : Day T, Surgery day

Date - 20-04-2015

The day has been lightning fast, so just a snippet post...

The surgery prep processes started at 6:15 am. Aarav was given an injection and we got him dresses up in the patient scrubs..

He enjoyed the ride on the stretcher to the operation theater and we had entered the OT campus by 6:45am.

Surgery started at 7:30 am and lasted for two hours. We were allowed to meet Aarav at 10:30 am in the post-op resting room.

The anaesthetia wore off and Aarav was moved back to the room at 11:30 am.


Surgery has been good and Aarav is feeling good now. Has some fever but thats ok. Rest all the perfect.

More later ...

Happiness is??

Finally bilateral!!!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bilateral CI Surgery : Day T-1 Admitted to KEM

Reached and admitted to KEM today at 4pm...

Oh btw.. the room we got had a lock and they couldn't find the key.. So till they got it sorted, we spend time walking around the hallways and chit chatting and taking selfies :-p

So for this post, you guys get a good selfie to look at :-)

Bilateral CI Surgery : Day T-1

It has been a long time since I wrote about this topic but it was always an important one for us. It took us just 3 months from knowing about the hearing loss to getting the first Cochlear implant surgery done. This time, however, it took us three full years.
Life does move faster and slower at the same time when you have big decisions to take...

The decision to go bilateral has finally been taken and we are in the process of implementing it now.

The preliminary procedures have all been done, the implant has been selected, the big date decided.. now to follow it through.

Sequential Bilateral Cochlear Implant Surgery for Left ear has been scheduled on date 20th April 2015.

We will be getting admitted to KEM tomorrow (or today since I am blogging at 12:55 am :-p) and the rest will follow..

No elaborate posts for the next few days, weeks, months.. just snippets for a memory.


Happiness is??

Finally Bilateral!!!

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