Monday, 9 February 2015

Self Advocacy at its best!!

Aarav wore his hearing aid to school today. He always wears the Neptune but the hearing aid which is on his left ear (rt is Neptune) is worn only after school. It had a few mapping issues due to which he used to avoid wearing it in the beginning of the school year and remove it after short durations. So when Aarav started school, I dint want him wearing the hearing aid even after the map because I was afraid that he might remove it and eventually misplace it..

Now that he's completed a year in school he is quite comfortable in school and so are the other kids and teachers. They are now used to seeing Aarav's CI machine. He is also old enough now so I thought.. well! Lets take a risk!!

So Aarav went to school wearing the machine. He wore it for the full day!!

In the evening, when all of us were home, Aarav told told us this...

Aarav, "Aaj mala friend ni vicharla ki he ear var kay ahe?"
(Today my friend asked me what is that on my ear.)

We asked, "ho? Koni vicharla??"
(Really! Who asked that?)

Aarav, "mazha friend Sharvil."
(My friend, Sharvil)

"Barr, mag tu kay mhanlas"
(Ok, so what did you say??)

Aarav, "Mi mhanlo ki he machine ahe mazha"
(I said that is my machine.)

(And then?)

Aarav, "kai nai. mag to ok mhanla"
(Nothing, Then he said ok).

I just cant stop smiling after this. What more do we want!! Aarav is so cool about his machines just how we have always wanted him to be!!!

Confident Self Advocacy at 4.5 years of age!!! Yay!!!

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