Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dabang Policeman!!!

Aarav's school has a show and tell on Community helpers. Aarav is to be a Policeman.
Oh big point to mention, He has to speak 5-6 lines in English.

Our first language at home and always has been Marathi. His school, however is an English medium school and now Aarav is learning and picking up English as well!!!

So here it is....

I am a Policeman.
I have police car.
I catch bad people.
I strong Police.
I whistle.I cap.
I ... I walkie talkie - teee hello hello Police commissioner teee.
I use gun. Dhishau dhishau..
I strong Policeman.

             Being at a loss of words :-)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Understanding My Child!!

Recieved this forwarded message today. It holds merit!!

Tirukkural  by Tiruvalluvar ( a Tamil  poet/writer) was written more than 5000 yrs ago. It’s one of the ancient science on Human behaviour, which has not changed inspite of modern education  & technology ! 


1. If your child lies to you often, it is because you over-react too harshly to their inappropriate behaviour.

2. If your child is not taught to confide in you about their mistakes, you’ve lost them.

3. If your child had poor self-esteem, it is because you advice them more than you encourage them.

4. If your child does not stand up for themselves, it is because from a young age you have disciplined them regularly in public.

5. If your child takes things that do not belong to them, it is because when you buy them things, you don’t let them chose what they want.

6. If your child is cowardly, it is because you help them too quickly.

7. If your child does not respect other people’s feelings, it is because instead of speaking to your child, you order and command them.
8. If your child is too quick to anger, it is because you give too much attention to misbehaviour and you give little attention to good behaviour.

9. If your child is excessively jealous, it is because you only congratulate them when they successfully complete something and not when they improve at something even if they don’t successfully complete it.

10. If your child intentionally disturbs you, it is because you are not physically affectionate enough.

11. If your child is openly defiant, it is because you openly threaten to do something but don’t follow through.

12. If your child is secretive, it is because they don’t trust that you won’t blow things out of proportion.

13. If your child talks back to you, it is because they watch you do it to others and think its normal behaviour.

14. If your child doesn’t listen to you but listens to others, it is because you are too quick to jump to conclusions

15. If your child rebels it is because they know you care more about what others think than what is right.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Big boy now!!!

Aarav goes to school by the van. His van kaka comes and picks him up at 7:50 am for school and every morning we are competing to see whether Van kaka arrives first or if we reach the stop first. Aarav likes to make sure that we always win.
We walk down the apartment to the stop every morning and wait till Van kaka arrives.

Today morning we started from the house and midway I told him, "Wait, you have a cold, I'll go get you a hanky".

Aarav said, "tu mage mage ye mi thambto".
(You come after me, I'll wait)

I thought he would wait there in the stairs so I ran up and got the handkerchief. By the time I was out of the house I heard the van honking to announce their arrival. And so I ran.. I thought we'd be late.... but Aarav was not in the stairs where I left him. So I went straight ahead to the Van stop.

There he was. Waiting like always for the van. Waiting with his little hands in his pockets for the van, looked back and said, "Aai ye!! Van kaka ale!"
(Mom come! Van kaka has arrived!)

It still is such a mixed feeling! My little baby suddenly is a big boy now!!

Happiness is!!
Experiencing these little joys of life!!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Self Advocacy at its best!!

Aarav wore his hearing aid to school today. He always wears the Neptune but the hearing aid which is on his left ear (rt is Neptune) is worn only after school. It had a few mapping issues due to which he used to avoid wearing it in the beginning of the school year and remove it after short durations. So when Aarav started school, I dint want him wearing the hearing aid even after the map because I was afraid that he might remove it and eventually misplace it..

Now that he's completed a year in school he is quite comfortable in school and so are the other kids and teachers. They are now used to seeing Aarav's CI machine. He is also old enough now so I thought.. well! Lets take a risk!!

So Aarav went to school wearing the machine. He wore it for the full day!!

In the evening, when all of us were home, Aarav told told us this...

Aarav, "Aaj mala friend ni vicharla ki he ear var kay ahe?"
(Today my friend asked me what is that on my ear.)

We asked, "ho? Koni vicharla??"
(Really! Who asked that?)

Aarav, "mazha friend Sharvil."
(My friend, Sharvil)

"Barr, mag tu kay mhanlas"
(Ok, so what did you say??)

Aarav, "Mi mhanlo ki he machine ahe mazha"
(I said that is my machine.)

(And then?)

Aarav, "kai nai. mag to ok mhanla"
(Nothing, Then he said ok).

I just cant stop smiling after this. What more do we want!! Aarav is so cool about his machines just how we have always wanted him to be!!!

Confident Self Advocacy at 4.5 years of age!!! Yay!!!

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