Sunday, 28 September 2014

Beating you to sleep....

Conversation while trying to put Aarav in bed tonight..

I was gently and rhythmically patting Aarav to sleep when Aarav spoke up.
Aarav, "Aai mala maru nakos".
(Momdont beat me)

Me, "Marat nahi thopatie mhanje zhop yeil tula."
(I am not beating youjust patting you for good sleep)

Aarav, "Thopatu nako. Maya Maya kar." (Dont patstroke me like a cat) After which he showed me the correct acceptable method.

After few minutes, he probably missed the rhythm, "Aai. Tu Maya Maya Maya thopat thopat kar." And showed how."Asa kar. Ok?"
(MomYou can stroke stroke stroke pat pat, like this ok?)

"Ok my little boss. Whatever you say."

Aarav telling me to follow rhythms...!!!!

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