Monday, 11 November 2013

Toddler Talons..

Cutting a toddler's nails is never an easy task. Especially when the toddler knows the use of long nails.

But the good mother in me needs to get this done. At least before the toddler takes flight and catches the bird (me) while pretending to be Nigel.

Which, today he did. Seventeen hundred
times. Lovingly. So I could not even get mad at me.

I now genuinely believe that the nursery rhyme "chubby cheeks" has been designed by the preschools to remind the parents that it is time to do some nail cutting..

Chubby cheeks, scratched off skin...... 
Grumble grumble.

Anyway. Aarav's nail have now grown to win against talons of a bald eagle. And it is finally time to cut them short.

So, to catch Aarav at a time when he is the most understanding and amiable ... I woke up at 1:08am.

Armed myself with a nail cutter and slowly... very slowly took his left thumb for a trim.

At 1:11:00 am, took off a tiny part of Aarav's thumb nail.

1:11:20 am. Aarav twisted and hid his claws.

1:12:00 am I tried again.

1:13:00 am Aarav twisted and turned and frowned again.

1:14:00 am I tried to unwind and untangle him into a non-tako sleeping style and tried to dig out his finger from under him.

1:15:00 am Aarav woke up. Sat up. And looked at me very sternly.

1:15:10 am. "Aai. Sorry mhan!!! Bau zhala!! Sorry mhan mala!!!"

Umm... ok Sorry Aarav!?

1:16:00 am. "Aai Zhop. Waa." And then he curled up and slept again.

1:17:00 am. Stunned and surprised. And a bit flustered on being scolded, I am now blogging.

0.25 of Aarav's nail has been cut. 9.75 nails left. 

Targeted success at this rate.. 39 days to go...

When your tiny toddler knows -even in his sleep- what to say to get his point understood.
Even if you are being scolded!!
!! Joy !!

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