Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tiny Car-Loving Hypocrite

Nudistic bike rides
I have no idea why Aarav is suddenly in love with cars. Aarav used to love bike rides a lot..  

He loved the bike for a lot of purposes.. X games Bike stunting.And Santa travel services. And Body painted Nude Bike rides. It worked well.
Suddenly we have a big change from bikes to cars now...

Aarav is now a Car man.
Bikes are fine for Santa and X-games or trampling on our toes in the house with his super speed bursts.....
But he surely loves cars..

He sleeps with a car in his arms.

X Games Bike Stunting
He will bathe with cars in his tub.

He will let the Car soothe his fears and help him sleep...
He will feed the cars food.. (According to cars movie, they have mouths and hence can eat. I cannot remove that assumption)

Such is the love of cars that now it is being imposed on us..
This happened yesterday.

Aarav and I were going to go attend a family event and Kaustubh was to join later..
When my brother, Malhar came to pick us up, he had brought his bike...

Bike Parking
As we were already late, we hurried through the basic discussions and dint realise that we spoke in front of Aarav that we will take thebike to same time.. Big mistake.

When Malhar picked up his helmet and bike keys.. Aarav watched calmly till the bike keys were taken .. and then suddenly he jumped and stood in front of him.. blocking the door and then made a face...
And then in all his tiny intimidating-ness, he shouted!!

Car... Car...
Bai Naaoo. Bai Shee.

So we had no option but to take the car keys with us.
We then went and stood in front of the car, and then tried to convince him that the car is dirty.
He, in turn tried to convince us .. "Bai Shee shee.. Eee. Bai Naoo... Caa bhooor"

Santa Travel Services
(Bike is dirty, Dont want the Bike. Car. We go out )

So we then told him that the car just slept.. don't wake it..
Car Zhopli .. Bike var jau.
Patted the car to sleep, sang a lullaby and then said bye to the car..

Finally all the dramatic convincing made Aarav give our claim a thought..
But Aarav has learnt from the TV drama that the big people in the house are not very truthful.. So He had to check the authenticity for himself.

Aarav tried to open the car himself and it did not budge... (obviously.. we locked it beforehand :-) )..
Aarav, "Caar Oppi. Bai Hmmm hmmm. Bhoooo"
And so finally after spending over 15-20 minutes with the sleeping car, Aarav agreed to take the bike.

Even if Aarav loves his bike.. and loves riding and playing and stunting on it.. he now wants people to always use the car.
So unless you can convince him that the said car is asleep, never give him any keys while going out..

Tiny car loving hypocrite.

Aarav loves his cars


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