Saturday, 8 June 2013

Charming little brat!!

Last week, we were invited to a wedding reception. I was staying at my Mom's and we were going to go to the venue together. 
As it was a formal event, I planned to wear a Saree and had got office formals for Aarav.

Saree draping in the presence of a toddler is really really difficult, especially since he finds it amusing to play hide and seek with the saree during the process.
So I dressed up Aarav first, put him in his good clothes, his formal shirt, cuffs, tie and everything. And then gave him his favorite snacks in a bowl and his favorite cars to keep him busy till I got ready.

It was already 6:00 pm and we were to depart by 6:30pm.
All of us got ready. Mom was dressed in a very pretty Saree and I was ready as well. Right on time.

We all gathered in the main room and were about to go out. All this time Aarav had finished his snacks and was still playing with his cars. He had seen us but had not really looked.

Mom picked Aarav up to help put his shoes on and gave him a big cuddly kiss. And then suddenly froze..!!
She was the first one to go near him and got the strongest whiff of the freshly made poop that Aarav had stocked up on in the last 10 minutes..

Me - "Aarav, You pooped right now?? Aaaaarav!!! and you dint even tell!! Bad little boy!! You'll make all your clothes dirty! and mine too!"
my Mom - "Aarav, You poopy boy! You should tell when you need to go!!. Boy you need to go change! right now.....". Suddenly... "Wow!" shouted Aarav cutting mom off.

When cornered Aarav is smart enough to know that I am not the right person to sugar up. I don't budge at all!!
So even with out acknowledging me, he turned and looked at mom. Correction, he looked at her from head to toe and gave her a big big smile and shouted, "WOW!! Mmmmm Wow!!"

Mom was completely stumped! And before she could register what he did, he walked past us straight to the bathroom to get cleaned up.
No one could scold him after that.

The little toddler is a diplomatic charming rascal!!
So very hard to get a upper hand now!!

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