Saturday, 8 June 2013

Charming little brat!!

Last week, we were invited to a wedding reception. I was staying at my Mom's and we were going to go to the venue together. 
As it was a formal event, I planned to wear a Saree and had got office formals for Aarav.

Saree draping in the presence of a toddler is really really difficult, especially since he finds it amusing to play hide and seek with the saree during the process.
So I dressed up Aarav first, put him in his good clothes, his formal shirt, cuffs, tie and everything. And then gave him his favorite snacks in a bowl and his favorite cars to keep him busy till I got ready.

It was already 6:00 pm and we were to depart by 6:30pm.
All of us got ready. Mom was dressed in a very pretty Saree and I was ready as well. Right on time.

We all gathered in the main room and were about to go out. All this time Aarav had finished his snacks and was still playing with his cars. He had seen us but had not really looked.

Mom picked Aarav up to help put his shoes on and gave him a big cuddly kiss. And then suddenly froze..!!
She was the first one to go near him and got the strongest whiff of the freshly made poop that Aarav had stocked up on in the last 10 minutes..

Me - "Aarav, You pooped right now?? Aaaaarav!!! and you dint even tell!! Bad little boy!! You'll make all your clothes dirty! and mine too!"
my Mom - "Aarav, You poopy boy! You should tell when you need to go!!. Boy you need to go change! right now.....". Suddenly... "Wow!" shouted Aarav cutting mom off.

When cornered Aarav is smart enough to know that I am not the right person to sugar up. I don't budge at all!!
So even with out acknowledging me, he turned and looked at mom. Correction, he looked at her from head to toe and gave her a big big smile and shouted, "WOW!! Mmmmm Wow!!"

Mom was completely stumped! And before she could register what he did, he walked past us straight to the bathroom to get cleaned up.
No one could scold him after that.

The little toddler is a diplomatic charming rascal!!
So very hard to get a upper hand now!!

Friday, 7 June 2013

One Year progress report!!

We had the one year progress report today!! 

Aarav's progress graph has been upward and he has done well. The Therapist, Surgeon and the Audiologist all were present for his progress report.

Effect of CI Surgery on Residual hearing

Before the report we did a unaided hearing test. Aarav way put in the sound booth and this time we used big head phones instead of inserts.
Aarav liked the headphones and wore them without any complaints!

We then compared his current audiogram with one that we had done before the surgery. There is not much difference!!
Diagnosis for both ears is the same of course, Profound bilateral hearing loss. But the same graph before and after surgery! So that means his right ear still has the same level of hearing as before his surgery.

He did not respond to a specific frequency (aa sound) on this test though, which was present the last time. But we will be testing him once again to confirm this. Especially since he got bored in between the tests and chances are that he may not have responded properly. There could also be the possibility that the last time when we had tested his hearing, he may have responded out of habit and not hearing.. So we do need to test that frequency again.
That being said, as there is no response to only one frequency and we saw responses to all others, it means that he still has the same level of hearing as before surgery.
If the surgery would have affected his residual hearing, then all frequencies would have been affected and not just one.

So the good news is.. Aarav was still able to hear from his right implanted ear and responded exactly the same as the last test! This is a very good thing, as it means that the surgery did not cause him to lose any residual hearing that he had in his right ear!

One year progress report : Audition and Expressive knowledge

According to the readings of our therapist, Aarav's audition and understanding has covered up quite well. The gap between his actual age and his hearing age is now very less. He understands and behaves exactly like any normal hearing 2.5 year old should. So Audition- wise we are in a good place.

Expressive speech always comes a bit slowly with respect to audition. And if we are to evaluate Aarav's expressive age then he is approximately 9-10 months behind his actual age. But if we compare this to his actual age he has covered up quite well.
Before this report, I made a list of words that Aarav uses and knows and shared it with our therapist. According to my list, Aarav understands approximately 200 words and uses approximately 150+ words on his own.

Now, truth be told, sometimes I think that this number is less and sometimes I think it is more... I made this list overnight and there will surely be more additions, but what Kaustubh and our therapist said, was that we should be counting only those words that Aarav uses without prompting. Words that he uses correctly, in context and on his own. So now I think I need to cut down that list even more.. (or actually test Aarav to get a real count..)
But still even if we do a straight 50% cut on his expressive count we are at 75-80 words that he does use. So that is good.
(Though now that I have thought about testing Aarav, I will be doing that soon anyway. I need this real count now instead of approximations :-P )

In terms of effort and time, we seem to be doing the correct things till now.. but there is always room for improvement.
Improvement not for Aarav, but for us. Aarav did excel our expectations this times well, but we do see a lot of scope for effort inputs to be done by us.
More time reading books. More play time. More talking ..

This is most definitely Rome and just a year of effort in building it is not going to be enough.
We have come a long way in this year and we still do have a long way to go ahead...

Aarav's residual hearing was not lost due to surgery!! He still has some hearing. Profound and insignificant for everyday non-CI use.. but it is not completely gone! 

Aarav has done good progress in this year! More positives to look forward to in the coming year!


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tiny Car-Loving Hypocrite

Nudistic bike rides
I have no idea why Aarav is suddenly in love with cars. Aarav used to love bike rides a lot..  

He loved the bike for a lot of purposes.. X games Bike stunting.And Santa travel services. And Body painted Nude Bike rides. It worked well.
Suddenly we have a big change from bikes to cars now...

Aarav is now a Car man.
Bikes are fine for Santa and X-games or trampling on our toes in the house with his super speed bursts.....
But he surely loves cars..

He sleeps with a car in his arms.

X Games Bike Stunting
He will bathe with cars in his tub.

He will let the Car soothe his fears and help him sleep...
He will feed the cars food.. (According to cars movie, they have mouths and hence can eat. I cannot remove that assumption)

Such is the love of cars that now it is being imposed on us..
This happened yesterday.

Aarav and I were going to go attend a family event and Kaustubh was to join later..
When my brother, Malhar came to pick us up, he had brought his bike...

Bike Parking
As we were already late, we hurried through the basic discussions and dint realise that we spoke in front of Aarav that we will take thebike to same time.. Big mistake.

When Malhar picked up his helmet and bike keys.. Aarav watched calmly till the bike keys were taken .. and then suddenly he jumped and stood in front of him.. blocking the door and then made a face...
And then in all his tiny intimidating-ness, he shouted!!

Car... Car...
Bai Naaoo. Bai Shee.

So we had no option but to take the car keys with us.
We then went and stood in front of the car, and then tried to convince him that the car is dirty.
He, in turn tried to convince us .. "Bai Shee shee.. Eee. Bai Naoo... Caa bhooor"

Santa Travel Services
(Bike is dirty, Dont want the Bike. Car. We go out )

So we then told him that the car just slept.. don't wake it..
Car Zhopli .. Bike var jau.
Patted the car to sleep, sang a lullaby and then said bye to the car..

Finally all the dramatic convincing made Aarav give our claim a thought..
But Aarav has learnt from the TV drama that the big people in the house are not very truthful.. So He had to check the authenticity for himself.

Aarav tried to open the car himself and it did not budge... (obviously.. we locked it beforehand :-) )..
Aarav, "Caar Oppi. Bai Hmmm hmmm. Bhoooo"
And so finally after spending over 15-20 minutes with the sleeping car, Aarav agreed to take the bike.

Even if Aarav loves his bike.. and loves riding and playing and stunting on it.. he now wants people to always use the car.
So unless you can convince him that the said car is asleep, never give him any keys while going out..

Tiny car loving hypocrite.

Aarav loves his cars

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