Thursday, 2 May 2013

And the TV is back on again!!

Gone are the days when we depended on the supremely-entertaining-captivating-immobilizing Television for Aarav's dinners.

When the TV is on, Aarav moves like the moon around the earth.. His eyes remain fixed on the TV and the rest of his body just hover around.
This was the ideal situation a few months back when I wanted Aarav to start sitting in one place and have his dinner instead of running marathons at every morsel.

Even now, when we sit for dinner, the sure-fire way to make Aarav open him mouth for the next morsel is to threaten him that the TV will be switched off..
He still stares at the idiot box and opens his mouth to eat whatever I feed him and chews it faster every "now the TV is off" threat.
Such a blessing it was.

But as the TV is encroaching in on our non-dinner time, we wanted to reduce the TV use.
This is becoming a hard task now.
The TV now has a very commanding presence and every single cartoon we have DVR-ed, calls out to Aarav as soon as he is home!!

And if the TV is on, and Aarav is home, we have to see only what he wants to see!!!

The digital video recorder is a curse when you have a toddler.
Especially when he knows that we have recorded all his favorite cartoon movies.

We have now seen
Up 187 times
Megamind 234 times
Monkey thieves 378 times.
Ratatoille 424 times.
Lion king 553 times.
Teletubbies an equally excruciating 643 times.
Aladdin 779 times.
Ice age 894 times
And Finding Nemo 456562.7845 times in the last three months.

We can now recite the entire movie dialogs parallelly and say the multiplication of 2 at the same time. And if we stammer it will be for the table.

It is worse when Aarav knows the correct remote.
Hiding the remote is just child's play even for him now! We get a look saying "Dude?? is that all you can do??"
And the TV is switched on again.

It is even worse as Aarav knows the 'Play button' on the DVR remote.
So pausing and saying "TV broke down" does not work.
He just goes and uses the remote himself and hits the play button.
And the TV is back on again.

It is even even worse when Aarav understands that we are tricking him by switching off the TV from the main line.
He checks and knows that the switch is off and asks us to switch it on.
And the hypnotizing Tv is back on again.

It is even even even more worse that if we keep the TV switch on, but disconnect the TV plug and hide it away, he knows we have not even plugged the TV in!!
Using all his mighty tinyness he searches behind the TV table for stray plugs. Tries to plug it in.. which means we have to plug it in.
And the Annoying-Hypnotizing-Tv is back on again.

It is even even even more more worser that no matter what two full-grown-smart-innovative-cunning-strategically efficient-adults do to keep the TV off, the tiny tot simply cannot be fooled.
He works his brain and works out whatever 'genius' ideas we concoct to keep the TV off.
He just knows how to solve it.
And then the Brain eating-Annoying-Hypnotizing-Idiot box-of a TV set is back on again.

And It is even even even more more worse-est that if we do outsmart him and Aarav cannot figure out what we did to kill the TV, he just screams bloody murder and tell us "AAI EEVEE LAU"


Don't judge me if I manage to throw a tricycle through the bloody LCD and strangle it with its own cord.



  1. If there are other kids in the locality perhaps you should send him out to make new friends and just run around..he would tire himself that way :) .. just thinking out loud ...I am.sure you would have tried so much more :).

  2. After a day at the daycare with 12 other kids and no tv thats what he wants when home.. The need to stare at moving pictures to unwind at the end of the day...
    I suspect it is a boy thing.


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