Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Aarav passed Play Group!!

Last year Aarav attended Play School. The school was in the Daycare campus and in the daycare timing.
So our thought was, that if he has to be in the daycare for 8-9 hours, he might like the organized play time of 2 hours spent in a school-environment.

Our main intention of sending him in the school was just to let him have fun instead of being in the daycare for the entire day..

We dint follow the syllabus or make him revise any school-related homework. We just paid the fees and let him attend the school with all his friends..
The only homework we were doing was our therapies..

When the first term results were given, we got all 'B+'s for most of the items and B or less in anything related to communication, verbal or otherwise.
As he was implanted just a few weeks before school started, we were not expecting anything from him. And he was barely 1.5 years old. Too young to be schooled..
In fact, even that he sat throughout the school hours was more than enough.

Now that the year has ended, we thought that promoting him into the next higher class might not happen as his communication is still not as strong as other kids his age..
But what did we know!!! Aarav surprised us again!!

Aarav has attended the school for the entire year with his ears working, of which the last six months he was comfortable with his new ears well..
In spite of us not really taking any effort for the school or the exams or any grades.. Aarav passed Play Group!!! Yay!!

And as if that is not all?? He was able to appear for the exam just the same as other kids and got a lot of correct answers as well !!!
While we thought that taking his report card was going to be just a formality, it actually turned out to be a huge event for us !!!!

Aarav's teacher said that was able to name out and identify cars, few domestic animals, few wild animals, fruits, few action items, 3 colors, 2 shapes, and a lot more.. !!
He did miss out on a few questions about naming flowers, social helpers, naming good habits, and spontaneous speech.. but we will now add them to the to do list..
But he did properly answer all the questions that we had covered as part of the therapies. He also babbled and danced a nursery rhyme in the exam!!!
(I have these written in Aarav's diary.. I'll post a picture soon)


During the discussion of his school year, exam results and future plans, Our therapist also had come to the Day care and School to visit and meet with the teachers. (LOVE HER!!)
His teachers think that he may be ok in the next higher year, but we do not want to push him ahead to soon, especially since age wise we still have the time to go gradually.
So it has been decided that Aarav will be attending Play group this year as well.
And Aarav's therapist, and us, we all will be actively participating in his school year and we will be studying for his school over and above his therapies..
I will post more on the discussion that happened soon..

But lots of celebrations till then!!!!

Aarav passed his very first school year at 10 months and 2 weeks of Hearing age !!!!!!!

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  1. Wow!! Happy.

    Congratulations Jui , Kaustubh and Aarav too.

    Revati Moghe


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