Sunday, 21 April 2013

How many times do I tell them? Bad parents!!

Saturday morning

        Aarav - aa eey
        Jui - Yes beta...

Saturday afternoon

        Aarav - aa eey. TV.
        Jui - TV lau na? atta nako chala zhopayla ata!!
Saturday Evening

        Aarav - aa eey lau
        Jui - What?
        Aarav pointed at the Television and said "Ee vee lau."

        Kaustubh - TV lav? TV havae?
        Aarav - Aaaee Eeevee La
        Jui - Tv? Ok.         (Tv switched on and now browsing)
        Jui - Tv var kay havae tule ??
        Aarav - aa eey
        Jui -  Kaay?? mhanej kay?
        Aarav - aa eey
        Jui - Kahi nahi kalat ahe. Fish hava ka??
        Aarav - aa eey
        Jui - Lion lau ka??
        Aarav - aa eey
        Jui - Kaustubh kay boltoy ha?
        Kaustubh - Aarav, kay lavaycha.. (switched on Finding Nemo)
        Aarav - Naa oo. aa eey lau
        Jui - I have no idea what he is saying..!!
So Kaustubh started putting on his favorite shows one after another.

        Finding Nemo.
        Kaustubh - Aarav, Fish bagh!!
        Aarav - Naaiii

        Lion king
        Kaustubh - Lion hava?
        Aarav - Naoo. naaiii

        Kaustubh - Balllloooooons!!!??
        Aarav - Naaiii

        Kaustubh - Parrot and tiger??
        Aarav - Naaaooo

        Aarav - AAeiii AA EEY lau.

Monkey thieves on Natgeo channel showing tigers and lions and monkeys..
And then came many Monkeys came jumping on the screen!!

        Aarav - Aa eey!!! Happy!!

He wanted to see Monkeys from morning!!!

Well the truth is that he is still not clear enough to understand. And all the syllables are still not here yet.
Sometimes it is extremely maddening to try and understand what Aarav says. And when he really wants something, he babbles even harder and it gets even difficult.
This time we were lucky to get it sooner.. but usually these half babbled demands drive him and us crazy..

How do we help him get the word clearly when you just don't know what he trying to say.. and he obviously means something that is correct and something that we taught him??

I am very sure he must be thinking how lame we are!! How could we forget what word we taught him. He remembered it correctly, dint he???
How can we not understand what he means!! Baaaad bad parents!!

He knows his words too well.. they go in and he learns and remember them fine.. they just come out garbled...
Clarity clarity! That's what we want more now..

But.. one little step at a time.. no rush.


My little monkey loves real Monkeys!!!


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