Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Want it?? Say it!!

A short Tuesday update...

Have you guys notices that I have been jabbering about all the other things about Aarav's development EXCEPT hearing statuses?
Yes, unfortunately, it is true. The topic got derailed and I believe we have been a bit at fault...

Last few months have been really fast and in spite believing we were going in the right direction.. well...  we were just going round in circles.
The upward progress graph of the first few months of hearing can now be considered constant and flat....

This is what happened.

Aarav and I have been practicing vocabulary for months now. And I am happy to say that his vocab has gone up drastically.
He can now identify quite a lot of items correctly and without prompting, and sometimes without asking as well..
So to 'age' his receptive language, we are at 1.5 years old.
That in 8 months 4 weeks of hearing age is still a great achievement! But it caused us to overlook what we are not achieving.

The problem is that his expressive language still lags behind.
He knows the individual words but is unable to string them together...

We got a mapping done in the last week, to increase Neptune's volume.
When we discussed the missing syllables that are still not emerging, we came to know what went wrong.
The mapping will not give him any new syllables. We have to make him speak and practice speech more!!

So now the plan is to enforce verbal commands..
No amount of cuteness in his smiles of touchy - feely - affections should now be considered as a request of any type.

He has to now 'Say it out loud'.


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