Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Gravitationally Smart!!!

After the funny incident of Aarav posing like Dev Anand in a family function.... I decided it was important to "loosen the strings" ie the Neptune Chord a bit more than usual.
Poor little frog had a bad evening and dint even know it..

So now I keep a bit more of the chord out.
The chord now comes out from exactly behind his head and is just right length to reach his head AND allow head movement.
Usually if the magnet falls off, and Aarav can reach it, he puts it on himself.

Few days back, Aarav was jumping around and the magnet fell off. I was sitting surrounded by a ton of vegetables, trying to clean and sort a huge haul to go for the entire week..

I could see the chord coming out from exactly behind his head and the magnet dangled in the center of his back.
I watched him try to retrieve it a few times. He tried all possible hand movements, and tossing and turning to reach it. More like a Dog chasing his tail.

The magnet completely eluded him. It hung on his back taunting him and there was simply no way Aarav could reach his hand to the magnet. That level of yoga was not going to happen!

Now with his magnet off he couldn't hear me call, so I thumped on the floor to get his attention and I signed to him to come to me for help.
He just looked at me and went back to doing his acrobatics. 
Acknowledging that I spoke to him and then completely ignoring me.

So I started off-loading the veggie bunch from my lap and started to get up...
But of course.. Aarav was is no mood to get any help.

Because even before I reached Aarav..

Now I am not sure whether the next part is funny or irritating. But my 'Mommy'-ness was challenged once again by the lilliputian toddler.

Boys really can not take advise. Or ask for help. Or directions.

It is not a grown-up boy thing. Its just a 'Boy' thing. 
Its hard coded into their source code.

Photo for illustrative purposes only!!
Real time photo was not possible for a stupefied mom!!
Even before I could get up and go help him, Aarav did something that I never expected!

He suddenly stopped all the squirming around.

Calmed down.

Then he stood up.

And then bent down as if to touch his toes.

"Poink and Pop' came the magnet and hit him in the head.

Now all he needed to do was reach up to his head, grab the magnet and put it back on his head!!!

Hmmm. So So proud, but still a bit sad.

Here I was wondering about which elaborate Yoga pose will need to be done for Aarav to reach his hand that far behind for the magnet.. And the smart little boy uses gravity!!!!

He couldn't wait to study Newton to understand the law of gravity??

Wasn't Aarav a tiny-little-miniature-crawling-poopy-baby .. like yesterday?? 
How did he suddenly become such an independent little squirt?? 

I am happy that Aarav is becoming more and more independent by the day.. But dear God!!! Cant he just let me baby him sometimes!!!

Tip for Aarav - When you read this... implement it.
Please pretty please humor your Mommy a bit more. You are growing up too soon. 
Grumble grumble. 
-With love.

Your Oh-so-Proud Mom

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  1. I have observed that AARAV is becoming very independent now, its good, he is growing fast.

    He has developed his own way.

    Congrats to you and Kaustubh and proud of AARAV.


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