Monday, 24 December 2012

Twas the Night before Christmas.....

Santa visited our house yesterday. 
Little Santa...
Red nosed Reindeers and sleighs in short supply, he arrived in a one horse open sleigh four horse-powered Red bicycle.

Dasher; Dancer; Prancer; Vixen
And brought his bag of goodies.
Even got his other farm animals along.

He then tried to find our gifts, but the bag was too small and the farm animals were crowding it even more.... 

He found the gifts.. but took his time deciding whether we had been good or bad....
Santa going over his list of good and bad kids...
  And thought a bit more.
And a bit more.

Then finally decided we had been mostly good.

He gave Kaustubh a car and me a few Farm animals. :D
santa gifting through the chimney

Made sure I understand which farm animal he would like to see by dinner time.

Dont forget, he said.

He sat by the Christmas tree.

And ate the cookies we kept.

And some milk. 
And then he got back on his Horse-carriage...

And then he was gone....

aarav shewale santa little santa costume dress up as santa cookies milk christmas gifts
A Merry Christmas to you all !!!


  1. Good one... Aarav is growing up fast ...pretty soon he will be tall and strong :)

  2. Good one... Aarav is growing up fast ...pretty soon he will be tall and strong :)

  3. santa's carriage has a number plate as well :-) too good ride .. will hang an extra stocking for a gift from this little santa next X'mas eve :-D

  4. Dear little Aarav, have seen your pics in your mama's cell. You are a darling boy and it just feels wonderful to see these pictures on the net. You are looking tooo good and its just an awesome feeling to see you getting up against such odds at an age. Kudos to you and your family, for such indominitable spirit.

    1. Thank you so much Mihir
      Im sure Aarav will love to read all the comments and feedback he gets. When he grows up these comments will surely make him happy!!!
      And a big thanks from me too. For taking time out and reading the blog.

  5. Love you lil Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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