Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Three this Tuesday - 29 weeks old!!

1 - Rehab Documents with Cochlear!!

I went through the Rehabilitation documents provided on Cochlear.in website.

They have so much information on Rehabilitation and Early intervention!!

Every single document is amazing!! They are really well written.
And what is even more astonishing? They are available for all, whether you are a Cochlear customer or not !!

I went through a lot of the documents and then I came upon the "The Toddler weekly home lessons".
It just made me feel that we are still not doing enough.
So now, apart from the homework our therapist gives us, I feel the need to also go through few of the weekly target documents provided.

Lets see how the two can be merged and used.

2 - Aarav and his babbles!
Aarav is not babbling with more variations. Va , La, Ba, all are in and being used in combinations.
But BA still is a bit more dominant.

3 - Bananas are Balalas..
Aarav calls a banana with his tongue sticking out. It comes as a Balala.
This one was simply difficult to understand. Aarav had to explain it to us.


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