Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lights. Camera. Action. PIMPLE!!

Yes yes. You read it right.

On 28th July, Saturday was the shooting for Aarav's documentary at home.

We cleaned the house and made it nice and presentable. We ourselves got cleaned up nicely.
All was going well. Aarav looked like the little rock-star that he is, the house looked good, Kaustubh looked good and so did I.

Till my alter devil ego appeared on my shoulder advising me to go a step further. 

Usually I am lazy and go to a parlor, but Murphy had to get his law proved true and I ended up deciding that this time I will save a few pennies and get a home facial. 

On my own.
My skin is actually really really nice to me. I have no freckles, scars, speed-breakers or potholes on my face, and so I never needed to use anything other than talcum powder.

In other words, I am ignorant about make-up and products used.

But if I have to face the camera, some makeup should be done, I thought.
So, then lets see what works on me?

One of my friends, is a avid make up user, I asked her for tips.
(As she does not yet read my blog, I can safely say she knows so much that sometimes goes overboard by loading on enough to resemble a Geisha Maiko.)

She told me a million product names. 

The list was more than my graduation syllabus. She also told me what to use when, combinations, and sequence of use as well. 

Which I eventually forgot...

All I remembered that according to my skin type, Product A and Product B would suit me well.

I was supposed to use Product A. And then Product B.
I did a patch test and it worked wonders during the first test.

As I had very less time, I thought the process was too slow and could use optimization.

Being a nutcase geek, I derived the following.
& if 'Skin + A' = fine,
& if 'Skin + B' = fine,
Then it implies 'Skin + AB' also = fine.
I used mathematical transitivity and used Product A+B.

And in a few hours, my long lost and forgotten friend, the PIMPLE returned.
He brought with him Skin rash and Dry red Skin.

And stuck on for three full days.
Till the last video was shot.

Want to see me??


Yes it is really me in the above picture... just a bit of garnish added....

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